AQUA Dongle Manager v1.0 Update Released

AQUA Dongle Manager V1.0 First Update Released

Easily Manage your Dongle with Simple one Click Tool
  • [+] Retrieve Dongle Information
  • [+] Check Registration Details
  • [+] Get Dongle Owner Registration Info
  • [+] Request License File
  • [+] Automatically Get License no Need Contact Reseller
  • [+] Easy Registration for New Users
  • [+] Register Your New Dongle
  • [+] Get Latest Version Info
  • [+] Check Up to Date Version Info
  • [+] Get Latest Update News
  • [+] Get Latest Features List
  • [+] Download Latest Setup
  • [+] Easy Download Update Package

First Register Your Detail here
  1. Email address
  2. Password
  3. Reseller

Second Request License File Here

Third Download Latest Setup

More News Coming Soon

AQUA Dongle Manager V1.0 Update Released

No Need Credits
No Need Activation
No Need Extra Pack
No Need Every Time Internet

What is Aqua-Dongle ?
Aqua-Dongle is Multi-Language Gsm Service Software with Promising future,
Software is Designed to have Multi-Language Support and No Internet Connection
so users get full Control over and can be easily switched to multiple systems with unique version token system users can use it for lifetime.

How to Download Setup ?
Setup can Only Be Obtained from Your Reseller or Support Team.
Verificiation is Required!

How to Buy ?

More Updates will Follow Us
We Appreciate Our Users Support/Bug Reports

Best Regard
AQUA Dongle Team
Stay Home Stay Safe

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