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Infinity CM2MT2 v2.11 Released

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK / Mediatek v2.11 - New Features Activated

Read about CM2MT2 v2.10 Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.10 - New MTK chips and UFS storage because v2.10 has major improvements and v2.11 is a successor of v2.10 with new improvements and fixes !

  • BugFix : META protocol updated
  • Changed : Loader v2012 supported and tested
  • Changed : Identify in META now read NVRAM dump that is compatible with flash mode writing
    • Feature may not work on old devices - Android 4.x, MT6572 and similar legacy chips
    • Feature useful also for devices which can not connect via flash mode as security save way
  • Changed : Identify now also verify EXTRA security flags
    • Signed types detection ( RSA signed security items )
    • Encrypted types detection ( Vendor-modified security items )
    • Edit/Repair security on those types IS NOT possible at the moment !
    • Swap security on those types IS NOT possible at the moment !
  • New Feature : Google Attestation Key Installation
    • Allow upload attestation keys to devices which require it ( Google Key red mark in phone after complete boot )
    • In most cases it model-depend file!
    • SW DO NOT allow select wrong file ( non attestation-key file ) by verify content of file
    • Files in most cases delivered with factory fw package ( kb.bin , Android_Key and other similar )
Firmware Reader
  • Changed : Improved structure identification
  • Changed : Support more different types
  • Changed : File selection optimized for latest build revisions - multi-bundle etc.
  • Changed : Init PMT procedure updated (NAND, EMMC, UFS)
  • Changed : Init Preloader procedure updated (NAND, EMMC, UFS)
  • BugFix : Minor changes and bugfixes
  • BugFix : Compatiblity issues fixes

Password for archive is: 12345678


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