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Infinity CM2MT2 v2.12 Released

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK / Mediatek v2.12 - F2FS Support, EncryptInfo and More
As Ordinary, Unique Functions and Methods Released

  • BugFix : Some legacy chips support may broken, fixed (Agent 19xx-20xx)
  • BugFix : BROM mode support fixed for MT6752/MT6753
  • Changed : Identify procedure updated, read more useful info on Android 10 devices
    • From now on for modern Android ( 7 - 10 ) shown more detailed UserData state with encryption methods
    • That replace old ENCRYPTED/PLAIN states to avoid false-positive results for forensic cases
    • It may work not stable on earlier Android releases, it is recommend to check state also via MemoryTool if required
  • New Feature : Smart Reset ( Format FS option )
    • Support RAPHAEL line in SMART mode, not need change any options
    • Function detect correct settings automatically to avoid user from mistakes
    • Function detect correct file systems, include modern F2FS, and all variants of EXT filesystem to support wide range of old and modern devices
    • Function detect and reset all settings, include FRP and Privacy Locks ( for USER DATA SAFE methods - USE SEPARATE OPTION!!!!! )
  • Changed : META : Attestation Keys download procedure updated
Firmware Reader
  • New Feature : F2FS file system detection and creation supported
  • Changed : Improved structure identification
  • Changed : Support more different types
  • Changed : Combo scatter creation revised
  • Changed : Platform and version depend scatter creation for better compatibility with SPFT
  • Changed : Android version-depend additional data creation
Memory Tool
  • Changed : Structure identification
  • New Feature : Build FILE SYSTEM at selected partitions
    • Allow make F2FS, EXT4 old and EXT4 modern variant of filesystem at selected partition
    • Select need partition ( for prevent mistakes - just one partition per operation allowed ) and desired filesystem
    • Useful also in case of unlocked devices with change FS or encryption method needs
  • New Feature : Android 10 specific changes on verification and file selection
  • Changed : Selection order modified according last changes of build SDK's and vendor-specific cases
  • Changed : Scatter tab changes, specific to multi-storage selection and settings
Model DB
  • Changed : New agents included for Tecno, Infinix, Itel, Panasonic, Walton brands ( with different SoC lines in every )
  • BugFix : Minor changes and fixes

Infinity CM2MT2 v2.12 Setup
Infinity CM2MT2 v2.12 Setup
Infinity CM2MT2 v2.12 Setup
Infinity CM2MT2 v2.12 Setup
Support Download
Password for archive is: 12345678

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