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Smart-Clip2 Software v1.38.02 Released

Smart-Clip2 v.1.38.02 Vendor / Country / Model Repair for Kirin 970/710/980 and Others
Smart-Clip2 Software v1.38.02

Exclusive Huawei Solutions
1. First in the WORLD!
Released exclusive Repair features for devices based on HiSilicon Kirin 65x / Kirin 95x / Kirin 960 / Kirin 970 / Kirin 710 / Kirin 980 :
    • Change vendor
    • Change country
    • Change Model
Benefits :
    • EMUI version does not matter
    • Allows to convert DEMO units to full working phones
    • Correct Repair data in OEM info zone
    • Totally safe operation, because Sigma makes auto-backup of original OEM info area
How to Connect :
    • No need to disassemble the phone with Sigma software testpoint
    • Also you may use hardware testpoint
Note for devices on Kirin 980 : We do not recommend restoring OEM-info area from another phones. In order to write data in OEM info zone correctly, please Repair Vendor / Country / Model and reflash the phone.

2. Improved Enable Downgrade feature for models on HiSilicon Kirin 710 / Kirin 980
    • This feature allows to downgrade firmware/ Android version of the phone
3. Significantly Improved Software Testpoint feature for models on HiSilicon Kirin 95x.

4. More features will be added, step-by-step.
FULL List of features exclusively supported by Sigma for devices on Kirin 710/970/980 :
  • Service :
    • SOFTWARE TESTPOINT (service without disassembling)
    • Direct Network Unlock
    • Remove Huawei ID
    • Get Full Device Info
  • Repair :
    • Repair and Change Vendor / Country / Model
    • Read / Write OEM INFO
    • Rescue Mode Entering
    • Load Fastboot / Backdoor Open
    • Write Original Huawei Board (factory) flash files in *.xml or Sigma format
  • Write Flash :
    • Write Original Full Ota Update / SD_Update Files
    • Enable Downgrade / Change Firmware
    • Flash in Upgrade or Fastboot Mode
You can find the list of supported Huawei Devices HERE
Both Pack 5 and Pack 6 have to be activated to use these exclusive features.


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