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Chimera Tool v25.74.1754 Update Released


19/08/2020 #34 BiWeekly Update Summary - Fixes and Improvements
Dear Chimera Tool Users,

To make our software better for you, we bring updates regularly. Every update of our software includes improvements for stability and bug fixes.
If you have any feedback or run into issues, come find us at our live support, we are happy to help you

Software version: 25.74.1754
Release date: 19 August 2020

New Features and Improvements :
  • Huawei : Added PATCH partition restore to Exit Factory Mode procedure (Fastboot Mode)
  • Huawei : Improved demo device recognition
  • Huawei : Improved the process of entering Factory Mode
  • Huawei : Better model name hints for Modify OEMINFO, Demo Remove and Model and Vendor Country Change procedures
  • Core : Improved SSL error handling
  • Core : Procedure dialog UI improvements
  • Core : New file formats supported in EF Extractor
Bugfixes :
  • Huawei : Write Cert procedure can be started from normal mode (via HDB protocol)
  • Huawei : Phone detection bugfixes when entering USB Update Mode
  • Huawei : Now the bootloader lock status is checked for procedure run validation

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Chimera Tool v25.74.1754 Update Released
Chimera Tool v25.74.1754 Update Released

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