Smart-Clip2 Software v1.38.05 Released

Smart-Clip2 Software


Smart-Clip2 Software v.1.38.05 HiSilicon Kirin 990 / 990 5G supported!
Smart-Clip2 Software v1.38.05 Released

RESTORE IMEI on the latest Huawei devices!

Released new service features for the devices based on HiSilicon
Kirin 710 / 65x / 95x / 810 / 960 / 970 / 980 / 990 / 990 5G:
  • Read secure data
  • Write secure data
What does the secure data contain?
  • This area contains IMEI(s) and phone lock status
What does it allow me to do?
  • Copy the IMEI of Phone1 and restore it to Phone2 (in case the phone1 is damaged)
  • Restore your phone's IMEI when replacing smartphone's motherboard
  • Replace an old active mobile with the new one, saving IMEI number
  • Backup and restore original IMEI(s) and network lock state
Please read the manual carefully before performing the operation.
Both Pack 5 and Pack 6 have to be activated to use these exclusive features.