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Infinity-Box CM2SP2 v2.07 Released

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SP2 / SPD-UniSoc v2.07 - UltraReading & New Features Activated
As ordinary, unique functions and methods released

  • Changed : FlashCore Protocol updated
  • BugFix : SC9832E line support updated
  • BugFix : SC9820E line support updated
  • BugFix : SC9863x line support updated
  • New Feature : eMMC ReadOnly check for DLv4 and later ( automatic during boot )
  • Changed : All service features speed under FlashMode increased
  • Changed : Flash Engine updated
  • Changed : FastFlash protocol updated
  • BugFix [Identify] : FS state detection may fail for legacy SPD line, fixed
  • Changed [Identify] : SelfLearn / Automatic DB update during "Identify" rebuild
  • Changed [Identify] : Support detection of AES and RSA-enabled auth in devices/loaders
  • Changed [Identify] : Support correct BASE <-> DEVICE verification for optimal loader selection
  • BugFix [Read Privacy] : Privacy Lock reading on some devices may fail , fixed
  • New Feature [Read Privacy] : Mobile AntiTheft password reading ( another version of "privacy lock" )
  • BugFix [Format FS] : Fixed Format FS in DiagMode for Android 10 and modern Android 9 devices
Firmware Reader
  • Changed : Complete FWReader rebuild to cover most count of different devices, existing on market *
!* Almost all Flashing issues has been fixed, FWRead repeat required for problematic cases/models!
  • Changed : UltraReading option activated ! *
!* Now reading of UniSoc devices 3-5 times faster, than before
    • approx 20 mins instead of 70 for SC9853i (2.2 GiB) comparing to older releases
    • approx 12 mins instead of 40 for SC9832E (2.5 GiB) comparing to older releases
    • approx 20 mins instead of 60 for SC9863 (4.4 GiB) comparing to older releases
    • approx 15 mins instead of 50 for SC7731 (1.5 GiB) comparing to older releases
!* Most generic loaders now support FastReading ( RS,SS,0S,1S,2S )
    • Use USB-2 port !
    • DO NOT use USB-3 port !
    • DO NOT use USB-HUB !
  • Changed : Improved structure identification
  • Changed : Support more different types
  • Changed : Android 10 devices support improved
Model DB
  • Changed : New Generic loaders included and updated existing ones
  • Changed : SC9820E(eMMC), SC9832E, SC9863x loaders updated
  • BugFix : Minor changes and fixes
  • Changed : Power Reset/Switch off scenario operation-depend now
  • Option : GUI ( File -> GUI ) : Allow select other interface mode*
!* Default interface - standard V2 line GUI
!* Wide interface - best for big screen / big distance to monitor
!* Wide log - extend log window to screen size - optimal for most cases

Infinity-Box CM2SP2 v2.07
Infinity-Box CM2SP2 v2.07
Infinity-Box CM2SP2 v2.07
Infinity-Box CM2SP2 v2.07

Password for archive file (if any) is: 12345678


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