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TFM Tool Pro Mediatek Module v1.0.3 Update Released

TFM TOOL PRO MTK v1.0.3 has been Released
MTK Latest SoC Added and many more..

What's new in new version of MTK?
TFM Tool Pro MTK 1.0.3 some New Features :
  • Many New Brand and Models are added.
  • Added Latest many New SoC.
    • Some SoC List Here :
      • ELBRUS MT6572_S00 MT6571_S00
      • MT6582_S00 MT8127_S00 MT6592_S00
      • MT6595_S00 MT6752_S00 MT2601_S00
      • MT6795_S00 MT8173_S00 MT6735_S00
      • MT6737T_S00 MT6735M_S00 MT6737M_S00
      • MT6753_S00 MT8163_S00 MT8590_S00
      • MT8521_S00 MT7623_S00 MT6580_S00
      • MT6755_S00 MT6750_S00 MT6797_S00
      • MT6757_S00 MT6757D_S00 MT6799_S00
      • MT6759_S00 MT8167_S00 MT8516_S00 MT8362_S00
      • MT6570_S00 MT6763_S00 MT6758_S00 MT6739_S00
      • MT6731_S00 MT8695_S00 MT6765_S00
      • MT6771_S00 MT8183_S00 MT8666_S00 MT8385_S00
      • MT8518_S00 MT6761_S00 MT6779_S00 MT8168_S00
      • MT6768_S00 MT6785_S00 MT6885_S00 MT8512_S00
      • MT6873_S00 MT0992_S00 MT6853_S00 MT6893_S00
      • MT0959_S00 MT6833_S00 MT8696_S00
    • Latest SoC :
      • MT8195_S00
      • MT8195
      • MT8696
      • MT0959
      • MT6893
  • Login fixed in Main and MTK both Modules.
  • Auto Login feature added.
  • FRP / Factory Reset Revised.
  • Vivo Reset Revised
  • Many bug fixed.


Best Regards,
TFM Team


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