Borneo Schematic Setup v1.0.1.5

Update Setup Borneo Schematic v1.0.1.5 - 16 Oct 2020

Info :
With this updated version, 1 application can be used by 2 PCs simultaneously at the same time. Only for 2 pc, it can't be used more than that.
Our system will detect the hardware ID the first time you log in, make sure before logging in you are properly fixed using the 2 pc, because after that it can no longer be moved to another PC

If there is a PC failure, our reseller or admin can help reset the hardware id to empty, so that it can be used again on a new PC without the need to buy activation again

We only help the PC moving case when the old PC is damaged, and this can be required by the reseller or admin of Borneo Schematics.

Please delete the old application and install the new application.

if there are problems please contact our support team
Dika: +62 813-8352-3696
Rizal: +6285395377777

Borneo Schematics Team

pass installer : borneoflasher