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AMT Dongle Smart Phone Tool v1.0.8 Released

AMT Dongle Smart Phone Tool V1.0.8 Released- New Chip - Huawei New Models!

Software Version: V1.0.8
Release Date : 26 November 2020

AMT Dongle Powerful Smart Phone Tool V1.0.8 Released - Many New Models Supported and Improvements Done

** added MTK unsigned images Flash Write [Write Memory]
** added Write memory option for firmware partitions
to skip secure boot writing errors example :
it means u can write un-singed images safety
  • From firmware file without checksum and without corrupt Partition table
  • You need to tick write memory option before press write flash button to be able to use this future
** Read ordinary firmware (Flashable firmware for another devices with same build)
  • Not included full PMT partitions un-necessary partitions will be skipped
** Full firmware backup with extra partitions
  • Included all PMT partitions
(this firmware just uses for research stuffs and testing
write another device partitions to another phone with same or different SW information)

  • * New Huawei models Support by manual model [Auto-DA] selection
    • Honor 6C Pro JMM-AL00
    • Honor V9 Play JMM-AL10
    • Honor V9 Play JMM-TL10
    • Huawei Honor 6C Pro JMM-L22
    • Honor V9 Play JMM-TL00
    • Huawei Y6II Compact LYO-L21
    • Huawei Y6II LYO-L01
    • Huawei Enjoy 5s TAG-AL00
    • Huawei Enjoy 5s TAG-TL00
    • Huawei GR3 TAG-L22
    • Huawei GR3 TAG-L01
    • Huawei GR3 TAG-L13
    • Huawei GR3 4G LTE TAG-L23
    • Honor 3C H30-U10
    • Honor 3C H30-T00
    • Huawei Y3 (2018) CAG-L02
    • Huawei Y3 (2018) CAG-L22
    • Huawei Y3 (2018) CAG-L23
    • Huawei Y3 (2018) CAG-L03
  • [DA Lib] * added show list of supported chipsets by Download Agent file
  • [Soc DB] * MTK6753T, MT6735M, MT6737X, MT6762, support improved
  • [General] * security pre-check and re-initialize sec_ro partition area for [MT6582]
  • [General] * sparse image download customized for write memory data
  • [General] * Update DRAM size detect method on new MTK Chip variants/ID.
  • [General] * Updated BROM + META Core Libraries to support latest MTK Chip variants/ID
  • [General] * Fixed minor bugs + Software general optimization
  • [General] * MTK Preloader + META protocol updated
  • [Fixed] * Write failed on MT6765 due to PLL initialization failed.

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