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UFI Software v1.4.0.1818 Auto Update Released

UFI Box Software Version Auto Update Released

Whats New:
  • General Changes : 
    • Support for Windows 10 version 2004 (20H1) and 2009 (20H2)
  • eMMC ToolBox Changes : 
    • ADD : Introduced console mode by executing UFI.exe with command line /c Syntax: ufi.exe /c [device] [configs] [command] [options] [file]
    • BUGFIX : Mediatek scatter(factory image) addressing issue introduced by previous release is now fixed
    •  BUGFIX : User partition list was not loaded after identify bug in build 1780 is now fixed
    •  BUGFIX : Improved PIT programming routine for factory image
    •  BUGFIX : Minor bugfixes and improvements
  • Android ToolBox Changes :
    • ADD : Added MediaTek BROM version 7.1922.6.0, 7.1952.2.0 and 7.2021.1.0
    • ADD : Added flashing support for latest Xiaomi models (Redmi Note 9, Redmi 10X, Redmi 9)
    • ADD : Region selection for Xiaomi devices
    • ADD : Oppo Disable OTA update in ADB tab, Special Task
    • ADD : Improved flashing support with latest MediaTek BROM for both UFS and eMMC storage
    • ADD : Updated mediatek soc list: MT6768, MT6873
    • ADD : Updated qualcomm soc list: SM4250, SM6115, SM6125, SM6150, SM8150, SM8250
    • ADD : Extract support for latest (Realme) OFP files
    • ADD : Clear FRP workaround for new models (device with verified boot enabled) Require to load official firmware package before identify
    • ADD : Firehose validation routine before flashing
    • BUGFIX : Improved mediatek flashing routine
    • BUGFIX : Partition list was not loaded on Qualcomm EDL identify in build 1782 is now fixed
    • BUGFIX : Xiaomi Mediatek authorized flashing bug in build 1779 is now fixed
    • BUGFIX : Parsing rawprogram_unsparse with UFS storage
    • BUGFIX : Fixed EDL flashing issue for some type of firmwares (sparse parsing issue)
    • BUGFIX : Fixed EDL flashing read partition table issue on build 1801
    • BUGFIX : OFP extract issue for old QC device
    • BUGFIX : Invalid flash config problems while identify
    • BUGFIX : Improved flashing authorization routine
    • BUGFIX : Minor bugfixes and improvements 

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