AMT Dongle Smart Phone Tool v1.1.0 Released

AMT Dongle v1.1.0 Released
IMEI Repair permanent - NEW CPU-NEW NOKIA MODEL Added!

Software Version: V1.1.0
Release Date : 7 December 2020

AMT Dongle Powerful Smart Phone Tool V1.1.0 Released - Nokia Support and More Models
Features :
  • Read Pattren Lock in META Mode for Un-Ecncrypted data
  • Read Password/Pin Lock in META Mode for Un-Ecncrypted data
  • Backup Nvram in Meta Mode without database initlazition
  • Restore Nvram in Meta Mode without database initlazition
  • META Temp IMEI [Fix/Repair] method Updated to permanent
  • IMEI will not become null or 0 after soft reset
  • IMEI force checksum implanted -> CD calculator in compose step
New Models :
  • * new MTK models Support by manual model [Auto-DA] selection
    • Nokia 1
    • Nokia 1 Plus
    • Nokia 2.2
    • Nokia 3
    • Nokia 5.1 Plus
New Features, Enhancements and Bug Fixes :
  • [DA Lib ] * Updated DA database to V5.2020 and BROM database to V5.2021 - it is for support new Flash chipset types
  • [Soc DB ] * MT8590, MT8163, MT8518, MT8168, MT6768, MT6779, MT6885, MT6785 support activated
  • [General] * Read Extnded Meta Information MODEM/SW/HW/SYSTEM Info
  • [General] * Updated BROM + META Core Libraries to support latest MTK Chip variants/ID
  • [General] * Fixed minor bugs + Software general optimization
  • [General] * MTK BROM + PRL + META [MD/SP] protocol updated
  • [Brom DL] * support eMMC firmware upgrade with keeping calibration data
  • [Raphael] * Fixed Remove WDT HW reset from WDT operations in Raphael Lib.
  • [META Lib] * IMEI initial check feature implanted
  • [META Lib] * IMEI checkSum feature implanted
  • [META Lib] * META Multimode Connector activated [SP-AP-MD] one stable connection for all META oerations
  • [Bug Fixed] * MT6761 scatter format re-customized
  • [Bug Fixed] * Fix Sparse Image with extra large size download fail issue
  • [Bug Fixed] * Adopt two USB scanning mechamisms to avoid seldemly could not find USB port issue.
  • [Bug Fixed] * Format Partition hang due to incorrect boundary check for partition list in specific range.
  • [Phase Out] * META SP & Handle Connection -> cause META Multimode Connector activated [SP-AP-MD]
  • [Phase Out] * META Temp IMEI Repair -> cause permanent imei fix method applied
  • [Phase Out] * NAND FMT on MT6589 -> cause incorrect format parameters and lib failed to get fmt range