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Cheetah Samsung Tool v1.7.4 Update Released

Cheetah Tool Released Version 1.7.4
13 December 2020 Updated Version 1.7.4

New Features and Improvements :
  • Added Patch Certificate Exynos Chipset All Bits.
And Many More.......
    • SM-J400FD SM-J400M SM-J400FN SM-J600FN SM-J600GF SM-G960F SM-G965F SM-N960F
    • SM-N970F SM-N971N SM-N975F SM-N971N SM-N976B SM-G977B SM-G970F SM-G973F
    • SM-G570M SM-G390F SM-J701FD SM-A260F SM-J701M SM-J330F SM-J330GD SM-J330GN
    • SM-S506DL SM-S337TL SM-S367VL SM-S767VL SM-N770F SM-J727T1 SM-A205U1 SM-A515FN
    • SC-V46 SC-V43 SC-02M SM-A505U1 SM-S506DL SM-S102DL SM-J260F SM-A307FN SM-A205FD
    • SM-G505U1 SM-G610M SM-J260M SM-M105G SM-M307FN SM-M305FN SM-M305FD SM-M105FN
    • SM-M105FD SM-M107FN SM-M107FD- M-M205FN SM-M205G SM-M307FD SM-M307FN SM-A102U
    • SM-A105M SM-A105FN SM-A105GN SM-A202FN SM-A205FN SM-A205YN SM-A205GN SM-A305FN
    • SM-A305GN SM-A307GN SM-A405FN SM-A505FN SM-A505GN SM-A507FN SM-A600AZ SM-S260DL
    • SM-A600T1 SM-A520W SM-A505GN SM-A507FN SM-A600AZ SM-S260DL SM-A600T1 SM-A520W
    • SM-J730GM SM-J730FM SM-A600GN SM-A600FN SM-A750GN SM-A750FN SM-J260T1 SM-J260AZ
    • SM-J260G SM-J336AZ SM-J337AZ SM-J737U1 SM-J737AZ SM-J337VPP SM-J737VPP-SM-J337T1
    • SM-J737T1 SM-S757BL SM-S357BL SM-G950F SM-G955F SM-N950F SM-J530F SM-J530G SM-A520F
    • SM-A260G SM-N935FD SM-G935FD SM-G930FD SM-J327T1 SM-J727AZ SM-J327A SM-S737TL
    • And Many More...........
  • Added Some Models For Unlock Network.
    • Added SM-J600F
    • Added SM-A600T
  • Fixed Previous Bugs....

Cheetah Samsung Tool v1.7.4 Update Released


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