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Miracle Huawei Tool v2.19 Released

Miracle Huawei Tool 2.19 Released | Hisilicon FRP (6th December 2020)
Miracle Huawei Tool 2.19

[+] Need Miracle Huawei Pack
[+] For use Miracle Huawei Tool Must Buy Miracle Huawei Pack
[+] Can Activate on Miracle FRP Dongle.

[X] Release Note Miracle Huawei Tool v2.19
  1. Add Huawei MTK (6761-6873) Supported.
  2. Add New Huawei Models Supported.
    • Huawei TNN-AN00
    • Huawei WKG-AN00
    • Huawei FRL-AN00a
    • Huawei DVC-AN00
    • Huawei DVC-AN20
    • Huawei Nova8 SE
    • Huawei KKG-AN00
    • Huawei MXW-AN00
    • Huawei TNNH-AN00
    • Huawei KAS-AL10
  3. Improved Some Functions.
Millions of Mobile Repairing Solution 
Br [SV] Miracle Team




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