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AMT Dongle Smart Phone Tool v1.1.2 Released

AMT Dongle v1.1.2 Released
Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, Emmc X-Mas Update Released 🎄

Software Version: V1.1.2
Release date: 03 January 2021

AMT Dongle Powerful Smart Phone Tool V1.1.2 Released
  • Added flashing support for latest Xaiomi MTK modes
    • Without unlocking the bootloader for MIUI V12.0.4.0
      • Redmi Note 9 (merlin)
      • Redmi 9 (lancelot)
      • Redmi 10X 4G (merlin)
      • Redmi 9 Prime (lancelot)
    • Read FW, read and restore NVRAM via META
    • IMEI change not supported at this moment we are working on this feature will be ready soon
    • All xiaomi MT6768 under MIUI V12.0.5.0 can be flashed without auth
    • If updated to + all xiaomi MT6768 under MIUI V12.0.5.0 or V12.0.6.0
    • Need unlock bootloader and flash V12.0.4.0 preloader via fastboot then flash mode operations will work without auth.
    • Preloader Mode only Brom Flashing Not Supported.
  • Vivo MTK reset UserLocks Without Lose Data in Flash Mode
    • Supported models :
      • Vivo Y91 (1814) PD1818EF
      • Vivo Y81s PD1732A
      • Vivo Y91i (1816) PD1818HF
      • Vivo Y12 (1904) PD1901BF
      • Vivo Y81(1808) PD1732F
      • Vivo Y30 (1930) PD1934F
      • Vivo Y91C (1820) PD1818HF
      • Vivo Y30i Vivo 2019
      • Vivo Y15 (1901) PD1304CM
      • Vivo Y19 PD1934F-PD1934B
      • Vivo V15 (1819) PD1831F
    • Newer Vivo models supported for format via META MODE
  • Huawei 2020 models direct unlock bootloader Flash Mode
      • Huawei MTK MT6761/2/3/3T/5 unlock bootloader in Flash Mode
      • Huawei MTK MT6761/2/3/3T/5 re-unlock bootloader in Flash Mode
    • Check previous versions for check HW/MT676X supported models list
  • MTK Bin file,emmc raw,boot area features added
    • MTK 32bit [mbr, PMT] EMMC, NAND
      • Read Full .bin file for mtk 32bit chipsets
      • Write Full .bin file for mtk 32bit chipsets
      • 32bit .bin file incluse boot1 + boot2 + rpmb + userarea
      • 32bit .bin file not support single image flash
    • MTK 64bit [GPT, PMT] EMMC
      • Read .bin file for mtk 64bit chipsets
      • Write .bin file for mtk 64bit chipsets
      • 64bit .bin file incluse userarea
      • 64bit .bin file support single image flash
      • 64bit best PGPT parser impanted with strong unpack Pointer
  • OPPO MTK OFP Extractor
    • Extract single image from OFP file
    • Extract full OFP file
    • Support new OFP files format for OPPO/RealMe
    • OPPO OFP images write in Flash mode [ARB protected models not supported].
  • Supported oppo models some models need tp for force Brom connection by test point
    • OPPO MT6755 all models supported
    • OPPO MT6763, MT6763A, MT6763T supported old security
    • OPPO MT6771 supported old and some new security patch
      • OPPO A3
      • OPPO F3
      • OPPO R9
      • OPPO F1 Plus
      • OPPO A73
      • OPPO A5S [CPH1909]
      • OPPO A83 [CPH1729]
      • OPPO A83 [CPH1827]
      • OPPO F5 [CPH1723]
      • OPPO F5 Youth [CPH1727]
      • OPPO F7 [CPH1819]
      • OPPO F7 Youth [CPH1859]
      • OPPO F9 [CPH1823]
      • Realme 1 [CPH1861]
  • in some models maye you face this issue [status preloader invalid],
  • this message came because incorrect dram settings found in emi data,
  • means preloader EMI version incorrect for your model.
  • you need extract ofp with your correct build number for your phone and use ofp scatter.
  • for oppo models always use safe factory reset method,
  • or flash userdata file from ofp,
  • if you use ordinary factory reset your phone will stuck on logo.
!!! New features / Enhancement / Bug Fix !!!
  • [DA_BROM] + Updated DA base to V5.2044_R2 and BROM Base to V5.2044_R2 to support new Flash chipsets.
  • [Chip_DB] + MT6768 support optimized.
  • [General] + Retain last used path to location for load or save files.
  • [General] + Updated BROM + META Core Libraries to support latest MTK Chip variants/ID
  • [General] + Fixed minor bugs + Software general optimization.
  • [General] + Huawei Flasher Improved.
  • [General] + Fw upgrade optimized fix after flash ui exception.
  • [Brom DL] + Brom FL/Protocol/configuration Update for MT6771 CPU
  • [Bug Fixed] + Pointer crash exception issues fixed

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