Medusa Pro Repair Suite Installer v2.2.0

Medusa PRO II v.2.2.0 is out!

Medusa PRO Software v.2.2.0 Release Notes :
  • Added OFP Extractor. (Factory repair-> Unpack OFP firmware (*.ofp))
  • Added Support eMMC Firmware for the following models :
    • KMK8X000VM-B412
    • KMKYL000VM-B603
    • KMNJS000ZM-B205
    • KMQ310013M-B419
    • KMRH60014M-B614
    • KLM8G2YE4C-C001
    • KLMCG2UCTA-B041
    • KMJ5X000WM-B413
    • KMK5U000VM-B309
  • Added New eMMC FW (FFU) from Users :
    • KMGD6001BM-B421 (thanks to Mr. suriyas1)
    • KMDH6001DA-B422 (thanks to Mr. suriyas1)
    • KMR31000BA-B614 (thanks to Mr. babak_nuri)
    • KMRX1000BM-B614 (thanks to Mr. babak_nuri)
    • BJTD4R (thanks to Mr. farshad_ras)
    • CKTM4R (thanks to Mr. farshad_ras)
Note : Available for download: eMMC Service/eMMC firmware/Download users eMMC firmware(s).
  • USERS eMMC firmwares are not tested!
  • Writing USERS firmware can break your eMMC!
  • All data will be erased!
  • We work with 100+ SAMSUNG eMMC firmwares!
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