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Octoplus FRP Tool Installer v2.0.0

Octoplus FRP Tool v2.0.0 is out!
Octoplus FRP Tool v2.0.0 is out!

Octoplus FRP Tool v.2.0.0 Release Notes:
🐙 Added "Reset FRP (Upgrade Mode)" operation and "On/Off factory mode" * feature for Huawei devices based on HiSilicon Kirin 710 / Kirin 980 CPUs :
  • Mate 20 (HMA-AL00, HMA-L09, HMA-L29, HMA-TL00)
  • Mate 20 Pro (LYA-AL00, LYA-L09, LYA-L29, LYA-TL00)
  • Mate 20X (EVR-AL00, EVR-AN00, EVR-L29, EVR-N29, EVR-TL00)
  • Nova 5 (SEA-AL00, SEA-TL00)
  • P30 Pro (VOG-AL00, VOG-L29)
  • P30 (ELE-AL00, ELE-L09, ELE-L29)
  • Enjoy 10 (ART-AL00X, ART-TL00X)
  • Enjoy 9 Plus (JKM-AL00, JKM-LX1, JKM-LX2, JKM-LX3, JKM-TL00)
  • Mate 20 Lite (SNE-LX1, SNE-LX2, SNE-LX3)
  • Nova 3i (INE-AL00, INE-LX1, INE-LX2, INE-TL00)
  • Nova 4e (MAR-AL00, MAR-LX1A, MAR-LX2J, MAR-TL00)
  • Nova 5i (GLK-LX1, GLK-LX1U, GLK-LX2, GLK-LX3)
  • P Samrt (POT-AL00, POT-AL10, POT-L21, POT-L22, POT-L23, POT-LX1, POT-LX2, POT-LX3, POT-TL00)
  • Y9 Prime 2019 (STK-AL00, STK-L01, STK-L03, STK-L21, STK-L22, STK-L23, STK-LX1, STK-LX3, STK-TL00)
  • Honor 20 (YAL-AL00, YAL-L21, YAL-L41, YAL-L61)
  • Honor V20 (PCT-AL10, PCT-L29, PCT-TL00)
  • Honor 10 Lite (HRY-AL00, HRY-AL00T, HRY-LX1, HRY-LX1T, HRY-LX2)
  • Honor 20 Lite (LRA-AL00, LRA-TL00)
  • Honor 8X (JSN-L21, JSN-L22, JSN-L23, JSN-L42, JSN-LX1, JSN-LX2, JSN-LX3)
* You don't need to disassemble the phone.
🐙 Added Reset FRP for the following devices :
  • Blackview BV5500 Plus
  • Colors P52 Pride 5C
  • Evertek M10 Plus Max
  • Infinix Hot 9 (X655)
  • Kurio 01618
  • Lenovo Tab M10 Plus FHD (TB-X606XA)
  • Lenovo Tab M8 (TB-8505F)
  • Premio S80
  • Sunmi V1s-G
  • Sunmi V2
  • Xiaomi Redmi 8A (thanks to Mr. Dr.Wolodya)
  • Xiaomi Redmi 9A (thanks to Mr. Dr.Wolodya)
  • Alcatel 1 (OT-5033M) (thanks to Mr. ThePhoneTechDoc)
  • Alcatel 1 SE (OT-5030F) (thanks to Mr. GSM_BB5)
  • Alcatel 1T 10" / Aquaman 10 Smart WiFi (OT-8092) (thanks to Mr. Xaker2012)
  • Alcatel 3X (OT-5048U) (thanks to Mr. a_1st)
  • Aligator S6500 (thanks to Mr. Xaker2012)
  • BQ 5519G (thanks to Mr. zorgy_1979)
  • Brave Techs BTXS1 (thanks to Mr. maxieboy)
  • Corn R60 (thanks to Mr. john9597)
  • Cubot King Kong CS (thanks to Mr. Xaker2012)
  • Custom Argo (thanks to Mr. allumts)
  • Famous Fones Red Royal Edition (thanks to Mr. ka4bygame)
  • Gigaset GS290 (thanks to Mr. hunter-s)
  • HiSense E40 (thanks to Mr. GSM.AFRICA)
  • Huawei Mediapad T5 (AGS2-L03) (thanks to Mr. katitous)
  • Infinix S5 Pro (X660B) (thanks to Mr. al-mansour_gsm)
  • Infinix Smart 4 Plus (X680D) (thanks to Mr. alimuamin)
  • Kruger & Matz Eagle 805 (thanks to Mr. gilus)
  • Lenovo Tab E7 (TB-7104I (v2)) (thanks to Mr. burger_gsm)
  • MobiWire Kicka 5 Plus 4G (thanks to Mr. ..::GMSR::..)
  • Motorola Moto E6 Play (XT2029-2) (thanks to Mr. milenjs)
  • Nomu M6H Pro (thanks to Mr. Xaker2012)
  • Ocono 12 Pro (thanks to Mr. somedays)
  • Oppo A1k (CPH1923) (thanks to Mr. UM4)
  • Orbic RC555L (thanks to Mr. stopcell)
  • Oukitel C18 Pro (thanks to Mr. cover_one)
  • Premio S81 (thanks to Mr. ..::GMSR::.., we_fix_it)
  • Premio S82 (thanks to Mr. ..::GMSR::..)
  • QMobile i10 2020 (thanks to Mr. kk3)
  • QMobile LT950 (thanks to Mr. naveedullah0044)
  • Sigma Mobile X-Treme PQ54 (thanks to Mr. Xaker2012)
  • Stylo Ithemba (thanks to Mr. we_fix_it)
  • Symphony i66 (thanks to Mr. Gsm_Flash Baba)
  • Symphony i97 (thanks to Mr. kothamamun)
  • Tecno Pop 4 Pro (BC3) (thanks to Mr. Xaker2012)
  • Ulefone Note 9P (thanks to Mr. trenac)
  • Umidigi F1 Play (thanks to Mr. ashahzad_pk)
  • Umidigi Power 3 (thanks to Mr. ashahzad_pk)
  • VGOTEL Smart 2 (thanks to Mr. muzammilrashdi)
  • Vivax Fly 5 (thanks to Mr. jhalir)
  • Vivax Point X503 (thanks to Mr. hunter-s)
  • Vivo Y91I (1820) (thanks to Mr. khorsed_pabna)
  • Zonko K105 (thanks to Mr. ThePhoneTechDoc)
  • ZTE Blade L210 (thanks to Mr. TALHAGSM)
  • ZTE V Smart 2050 (thanks to Mr. ashahzad_pk)

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