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MRT Key v5.36 Update Released

Mrtokey ver 5.36 is out !!!

In case is mrt setup is very big size,about 500MB more, MRT team has new remake a stable and with small setup. The new update about 10MB only,and a lot new function was come,like vivo safe userdata remove password was support!!!

New software interface working with mrt V5
this new update add cloud;
first time boot it will auto download the loader<da or firehose> form server

like MTK 6768 6765 6885 6833 6779...a lot new cpu was add
For  qualcomm chip mrtkey write flash will be very fast !!

All about this ... just feel the Power MRT V5 !!
Find more surprises inside the mrt cloud !!!

Stay Focus with Us !!


What News :
  • a lot news inside this new update !!!!
  • we are not put here one by one
  • just feel it !!!
Preview :

Download :
MRT Key v5.36 Meta Box
MRT Key v5.36 Meta Box

MRT Key v5.36 GDrive 1
MRT Key v5.36 GDrive 2
MRT Key v5.36 GDrive 3
MRT Key v5.36 GDrive 4

MRT Key v5.36 Mediafire
MRT Key v5.36 Mediafire

MRT Key v5.36 AFH
Pass : mrtokey

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