MRT Key v5.39 Update Released

Mrtokey ver 5.39 is out !!!

All about this ... just feel the Power MRT V5 !!
Find more surprises inside the mrt cloud !!!

Stay Focus with Us !!

What News :
  • added xiaomi(redmi)sdm662 cpu support
  • first in the world support edl write flash
  • support disbale account one click
  • support erase frp
  • add vivo fix demo in factory(click start and power off connect it)
  • others mobile add by server(you can check in the software list) and some bugs fixed !
Preview :

Download :
MRT Key v5.39 Meta Box
MRT Key v5.39 Meta Box

MRT Key v5.39 GDrive 1
MRT Key v5.39 GDrive 2
MRT Key v5.39 GDrive 3
MRT Key v5.39 GDrive 4

MRT Key v5.39 Mediafire
MRT Key v5.39 Mediafire

MRT Key v5.39 AFH
Pass : mrtokey

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