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NCK Box / Pro Android MTK v2.9.7 Update Released

NCK Box / NCK Pro Android MTK Module v2.9.7 Released - [18/10/2021]

Whats New :
  • Added Unlock & Lock BOOTLOADER for Helio cpu.
    • Tested MT6761, MT6763, MT6765, MT6768 cpu (PPlease Test More CPU & Report).
    • Software will check phone Algo, and will not allow to use this function if phone not supported.
  • Added SAFE RESET FOR OPPO Phones in flash mode.
    • Need to tick "bypass security" checkbox to use this feature.
  • Added SAFE RESET FOR VIVO Phones in flash mode.
    • Need to tick "bypass security" checkbox to use this feature.
  • Added support for UFS Filesystem, for supported phones. NEW
    • Now supports All Functions related to UFS filesystem supported phones.
  • Added functions for the following models
    • Read info, Backup security, Restore security, write firmware, reset phone, frp, meta mode functions.
      • Oukitel
        • Oukitel K10000
        • Oukitel K4000 Pro
        • Oukitel C19
        • Oukitel C5 Pro
        • Oukitel C8 4G
        • Oukitel K4000 Plus
        • Oukitel K5
        • Oukitel K7000
        • Oukitel U20 Plus
        • Oukitel U7 Plus
        • Oukitel K10000 Pro
        • Oukitel K3
        • Oukitel K3 Pro
        • Oukitel K5000
        • Oukitel K6000 Plus
        • Oukitel K7
        • Oukitel K7 Power
        • Oukitel K8
        • Oukitel K8000
        • Oukitel U11 Plus
        • Oukitel U15S
        • Oukitel U18
        • Oukitel U25 Pro
        • Oukitel U15 Pro
        • Oukitel U16 Max
        • Oukitel K10000 Max
        • Oukitel K6000 Pro
        • Oukitel C18 Pro
        • Oukitel Mix 2
        • Oukitel WP5000
        • Oukitel C8
        • Oukitel C10
        • Oukitel C12
        • Oukitel C16,
        • Oukitel C5
        • Oukitel C9
        • Oukitel U22
        • Oukitel U7 Pro
        • Oukitel Y1000
        • Oukitel C10 Pro
        • Oukitel C11
        • Oukitel C11 Pro
        • Oukitel C12 Plus
        • Oukitel C12 Pro
        • Oukitel C13 Pro
        • Oukitel U19
        • Oukitel C15 Pro
        • Oukitel C16 Pro
        • Oukitel C22
        • Oukitel K15 Plus
        • Oukitel WP12
        • Oukitel WP5
        • Oukitel C21
        • Oukitel C23 Pro
        • Oukitel K13 Pro
        • Oukitel WP5 Pro
        • Oukitel WP8 Pro
        • Oukitel U23
        • Oukitel K10
        • Oukitel K6
        • Oukitel K7 Pro
        • Oukitel WP1
        • Oukitel K12
        • Oukitel K9
        • Oukitel WP9
        • Oukitel WP6
        • Oukitel WP7
  • Updated bypass security function for supported cpu's.
    • Supported cpu for this function :
      • MT6572
      • MT6580
      • MT6582
      • MT6595
      • MT6735
      • MT6737
      • MT6739
      • MT6753
      • MT6755
      • MT6757
      • MT6761
      • MT6763
      • MT6765
      • MT6768
      • MT6771
      • MT6779
      • MT6785
      • MT6795
      • MT6797
      • MT6885
      • MT8127
      • MT8163
      • MT8167
      • MT8173
      • MT8695
      • MT6873
      • MT6799
      • MT6833
      • MT6853
      • MT8590
  • Improved save Preloader function for supported CPU, exe will bypass security and will dump Preloader at same time.
    • After will be used this Preloader to fill EMMI setting and boot phone.
      • Phone must be functional to use this function, in case of damaged firmware, will need to use external Preloader to boot phone.
  • Updated(fixed) generic reset in flash mode.
    • Need to tick "bypass security" checkbox to use this feature.
  • Disabled switch to meta with bypass security enabled.
    • This function was designed for use in flash mode, and it not allow to boot phone in meta.
      • Many users report not working meta mode because of this.
How to Download?
  1. Go to website link - downloads
  2. Download Main Module (if you don t have it already.
  3. Run NCK Main Module software
  4. Click settings tab.
  5. Click Download installers Link.

Official website :

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