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Pandora Box v2.10 Update Released

Pandora’s Box Update v2.10 - New TECNO Devices Added

Pandora’s BOX Update v2.10 Released

Added :
  • New TECNO Phones Added for Support :
    • CH6, CH6n Tecno Camon 18
    • CH9, CH9n Tecno Camon 18 Premier
    • CH7, CH7n Tecno Camon 18P
    • CH6T Tecno Camon 18T
    • LD7, LD7j Tecno Pova
    • LE7, LE7n Tecno Pova 2
    • LE6 Tecno Pova Neo
    • LA6 Tecno Pouvoir 1
    • LA7 Tecno Pouvoir 2
    • LB6 Tecno Pouvoir 2 Air
    • LA7 Pro Tecno Pouvoir 2 Pro
    • LB7 Tecno Pouvoir 3
    • LC6, LC6a Tecno Pouvoir 3 Air
    • LB8, LB8a Tecno Pouvoir 3 Plus
    • LC7, LC7S Tecno Pouvoir 4
    • SA3 Tecno SA3
    • SA6 Tecno SA6
    • SA6S Tecno SA6S
    • KC6, KC6S, KC1j Tecno Spark 4 Air
    • BB4k Tecno Spark 4 Lite
    • KE7 Tecno Spark 6
    • KE6 Tecno Spark 6 Air
    • KE6j Tecno Spark 6 Air
    • KE5, KE5j, KE5S Tecno Spark 6 Go
    • KE5K Tecno Spark 6 Go
    • KF6, KF6h, KF6i, KF6j, KF6k, KF6n Tecno Spark 7
    • KF6m Tecno Spark 7 Go
    • KF8 Tecno Spark 7 Pro
    • KF7j Tecno Spark 7P
    • KF6p Tecno Spark 7T
Improvements :
  • Improved active copy detections (A/B)
Bugfixes :
  • Fixed IMEI repair for some OPPO phones
Dont forget post BUG reports in correct thread.

Bug report - HERE
New phone adding request - HERE

Installation Manual :
  1. Install Shell. Link : Here.
  2. Connect box, wait for automatic drivers install.
  3. Run shell, wizzard, update card firmware, apply activation.
  4. Download Pandora installation via shell and install.
  5. Run Pandora Tool.
Download :
Pandora Box v2.10 Update Released
Pandora Box v2.10 Update Released

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