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Pandora Box v3.2 Update Released

Pandora’s Box Update v3.2 - Added Disabling Orange State!

Pandora’s BOX Update v3.2 Released

What's New :
  • Added Disabling Orange State function!

New Oppo Phones added for imei repair :
  • OPPO CPH2123
New Realme Phones added for support :
  • Realme RMP2102
New Alcatel Phones added for support :
  • 5059R
  • 6125F
  • 4063F
New DOOGEE Phones added for support :
  • DOOGEE S98
New Coolpad Phones added for support :
  • 1901 Coolpad Cool 6
  • 2039 Coolpad Cool S
  • CP03 Coolpad Cool 20
  • CP05 Coolpad Cool 20 Pro
New Blackview Phones added for support :
  • Blackview A55 Pro
  • Blackview Oscal C60
  • Blackview Oscal S60 Pro
  • Blackview Tab 10 Pro
New Hisense Phones added for support :
  • E7 Hisense E7
  • E7 Pro Hisense E7 Pro
  • E7 Pro HD Plus Hisense E7 Pro HD Plus
  • HS-F10 Hisense F10
  • HS-F15 Hisense F15
  • HS-F16 Hisense F16
  • HS-F17 Hisense F17
  • HS-F174G Hisense F17 4G
  • HS-F17HDPlus Hisense F17 HD Plus
  • HS-F17Plus Hisense F17 Plus
  • HS-F17Pro Hisense F17 Pro
  • HS-F18 Hisense F18
  • HS-F22 Hisense F22
  • HS6739MT_RU Hisense F25
  • HS-F28 Hisense F28
  • HS-F30 Hisense F30
  • HNR500E Hisense Infinity H50S 5G
  • Hi1Pro Hisense Hi 1 Pro
  • Hi2 Hisense Hi 2
  • HS570 Hisense HS570
  • T5 Plus Hisense T5 Plus
  • T5S Hisense T5S
  • T965 Hisense T965
  • KS972B Hisense U965 4G

Bugfixes and Improvements :
  • Fixed conflict with UsbDK liblary (sniffer detected error)
  • Fixed algo for some TCL phones like A502DL, A507DL, A509DL etc
Dont forget post BUG reports in correct thread.

Bug report - HERE
New phone adding request - HERE

Installation Manual :
  1. Install Shell. Link : Here.
  2. Connect box, wait for automatic drivers install.
  3. Run shell, wizzard, update card firmware, apply activation.
  4. Download Pandora installation via shell and install.
  5. Run Pandora Tool.
Download :
Pandora Box v3.2 Update Released
Pandora Box v3.2 Update Released

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