Octoplus Huawei Tool v1.3.0 Released

Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.3.0 is out!

Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.3.0 Release Notes:
  • 🐙 Added Reset Huawei ID and Restore "Chip is damaged" operations for devices based on the following CPU:
    • Kirin 810 (EMUI 11/Harmony OS)
  • 🐙 Added full support for Kirin 990E based devices.
  • 🐙 Improved Reset Huawei ID operation for devices based on the following CPU's:
    • Kirin 710A (EMUI 10)
    • Kirin 990 (EMUI 11)

Dongle or Activation are already available for purchase from GsmServer Store. Ask your local dealers!