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Octoplus FRP Tool Installer v2.1.5 Released

Octoplus FRP Tool v2.1.5 is out!
Octoplus FRP Tool v2.1.5 is out!

Octoplus FRP Tool v.2.1.5 Release Notes :
  • Added Reset FRP and Factory Reset for the Following Oppo / Realme Devices Based on Qualcomm CPU :
    • Oppo A53 (CPH2172)
    • Oppo A53s (CPH2135)
    • Realme GT Master (RMX3363)
    • Realme Q3s (RMX3461)
  • Improved Work with :
    • Oppo A15 (CPH2185)
  • Added Reset FRP, Factory Reset, Unlock / Relock Bootloader and Reboot to EDL for Vivo Devices via Fastboot :
    • Vivo IQOO 7 (PD2049)
    • Vivo IQOO 7 Legend (PD2049F)
    • Vivo IQOO 8 (PD2136)
    • Vivo IQOO 8 Pro (PD2141)
    • Vivo IQOO 9 (PD2171)
    • Vivo IQOO 9 Pro (PD2172)
    • Vivo IQOO Neo 5S (PD2154)
    • Vivo IQOO Neo 6 (PD2196)
    • Vivo IQOO U3X (PD2106)
    • Vivo IQOO Z5 (PD2148)
    • Vivo S1 Pro (PD1945F)
    • Vivo T1 5G (PD2115)
    • Vivo V15 Pro (PD1832F)
    • Vivo V17 (PD1948F)
    • Vivo V20 Pro Plus (PD2056F)
    • Vivo V21e 5G (PD2102F)
    • Vivo X Fold (PD2178)
    • Vivo X Note (PD2170)
    • Vivo X60 Pro Plus (PD2056)
    • Vivo X60T Pro Plus (PD2056)
    • Vivo X70 Pro Plus (PD2145)
    • Vivo X80 Pro (PD2185)
    • Vivo Y21T (PD2142F)
    • Vivo Y21T (PD2158F)
    • Vivo Y31 2021 (PD2050F)
    • Vivo Y31S (PD2054)
    • Vivo Y31S T2 (PD2092)
    • Vivo Y51 2020 (PD2050F)
    • Vivo Y51A 2020 (PD2050F)
    • Vivo Y52S T1 (PD2112B)
    • Vivo Y53S 5G (PD2111)
    • Vivo Y53S 5G (PD2111B)
    • Vivo Y72 5G (PD2112F)
Note : If you have a not listed Vivo phone based on Qualcomm CPU, you can select Vivo -> _Fastboot Qualcomm and perform corresponding operation
  • Added Reset FRP for Huawei Devices Based on Qualcomm CPU via TP :
    • Huawei Nova 8i (NEN-LX1)
    • Huawei Nova 8i (NEN-L22)
    • Huawei Nova 9 SE (JLN-LX1)
    • Huawei P50 Pro (JAD-LX9)
  • Added Reset FRP for the Following Devices :
    • Xiaomi Redmi 10A
    • Infinix Note 10 (X693)
    • Lenovo Tab A10 (TB-X505X)
    • Oppo A77 (CPH1513)
    • Ulefone Note 10
    • Wiko Y82 (W-K630)5
    • Acer ATAB721E
    • Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 4 (OT-4034T)
    • AlldoCube iPlay 20P (T1021P)
    • Condor TB-108W
    • Cubot C30
    • Dcode DS-CL1
    • Doogee S97 Pro
    • Gionee M100
    • Infinix Note 7 (X690)
    • Itel A31 Plus
    • Kurio 8076
    • Lava Z3 UP
    • Mediacom SmartPad Mx 10 HD Life (M-SP10MXHAH)
    • Motorola Moto G50 5G (XT2149-1)
    • ONDA T9S
    • Onn 100011885
    • Tinno AT&T Calypso 2 (U319AA)
    • Unihertz Titan
    • Uniqcell A4
    • Vivo Y97 (PD1813)
    • Wiko View 4 (W-V830)
    • ZTE Axon M (Z-01K)

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Octoplus FRP Tool Installer v2.1.5 Setup
Octoplus FRP Tool Installer v2.1.5 Setup


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