Octoplus Box Samsung v4.0.7 Released

Octoplus Box Samsung v.4.0.7 is out!
Octoplus / Octopus Box Samsung Software v4.0.7 is out!

Octoplus Samsung Software v4.0.7 Release Notes :
  • Added "Read Codes / Repair IMEI / Repair Network" operations for the following devices :
    • (supported for the devices with [knox: ANY] [root: YES])
      • SM-A013F, SM-A013G, SM-A013M
      • SM-A022F, SM-A022G, SM-A022M
      • SM-A037F, SM-A037G, SM-A037M, SM-A037W
      • SM-A125F, SM-A125M, SM-A125N, SM-A125W
      • SM-A136B, SM-A136W
      • SM-A137F
      • SM-A215W
      • SM-A225F, SM-A225M
      • SM-A226B, SM-A226BR, SM-A226L
      • SM-A315F, SM-A315G, SM-A315N
      • SM-A325F, SM-A325M, SM-A325N
      • SM-A326B, SM-A326BR, SM-A326K, SM-A326W
      • SM-A415F
      • SM-E225F
      • SM-E426B, SM-E426S
      • SM-M013F
      • SM-M017F
      • SM-M022F, SM-M022FV, SM-M022G, SM-M022M
      • SM-M225FV
      • SM-M325F, SM-M325FV
      • SM-M326B
      • SM-T225, SM-T225C, SM-T225M, SM-T225N
      • SM-T227
Read codes operation is a credit based operation, please, check Credits Consumption for more details.
We recommend using Magisk 23.0 or 24.3 to root your phone.


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