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Miracle Power Tool v2.8 Released

Miracle Power Tool 💠 V2.8 Released (25th May 2023)

Miracle Power Tool
Every one Needs Power
Ver 2.8 Released on 25th May 2023

What''s New :
Added 60+ Models
Many model supported in Intelligent Automatic Mode
  • [x] ASUS ROG Phone 6 Diablo Immortal Edition
  • [x] Infinix Zero 20 (X6821)
  • [x] Infinix Hot 11S (X6812B)
  • [x] Infinix Note 12 (X663C)
  • [x] Infinix Hot 10i (X659B)
  • [x] Infinix Hot 10s NFC (X689D)
  • [x] Infinix Hot 30i (X669C)
  • [x] Infinix Note 12 5G (X671)
  • [x] Infinix Note 8i (X683)
  • [x] Infinix S5 Pro (X660C)
  • [x] Infinix Smart 6 Plus (X6823C)
  • [x] Itel P40 (P662L)
  • [x] Itel Vision 1 L6005
  • [x] Itel Vision 1 Plus L6501
  • [x] Itel Vision 2S P651L
  • [x] Itel A14 Plus W4002, W4002P
  • [x] Itel A26 A571L, A571LK, A571LL, A571LS
  • [x] Itel A33 Plus A509W, A509WM, A509WP
  • [x] Itel A35 W5002
  • [x] Itel A37 A571W, A571WM
  • [x] Itel P37 P651W
  • [x] Itel Vision 1 Pro L6502, L6502S
  • [x] Itel Vision 2 Plus P681L, P681LM
  • [x] Itel A27 A551L, A551LR
  • [x] Meizu 17 (M2081)
  • [x] Meizue 17 Pro (M2091)
  • [x] Motorola E32s (XT-2229)
  • [x] Nothing Phone 1
  • [x] Poco M4 Pro 5G (evergreen)
  • [x] Redmi Note 11 4G (Selene)
  • [x] Redmi Note 11 5G (evergo)
  • [x] Redmi Note 11 Pro (pissario)
  • [x] Redmi Note 11 Pro (vida)
  • [x] Tecno Spark 10 5G KI8
  • [x] Tecno Spark 10 Pro KI7
  • [x] Tecno Spark 4 KC2J
  • [x] Tecno Spark 7 PRO KF8
  • [x] Tecno Spark 8C KG5J
  • [x] Tecno Spark 8T KG6P
  • [x] Tecno Spark 9T KH6
  • [x] Tecno Spark Go 2020 KE5
  • [x] Tecno Spark Go 2023 BF7N
  • [x] UMIDIGI Power 3
  • [x] Vivo Y15S
  • [x] ZTE Axon 10 5G
  • [x] ZTE Axon 20
  • [x] ZTE Axon 30 Pro 5G
  • [x] ZTE Axon 31 Pro 5G
  • [x] ZTE Axon A40 Ultra
  • [x] ZTE Axon A41 Ultra 5G
  • [x] ZTE Axon S30 Pro 5G
  • [x] ZTE Nubia N3
  • [x] ZTE Nubia Play
  • [x] ZTE Nubia Red Devil 3
  • [x] ZTE Nubia Red Devil 3S
  • [x] ZTE Nubia Red Devil 5S
  • [x] ZTE Nubia Red Devil 6
  • [x] ZTE Nubia Red Devil 6 Pro
  • [x] ZTE Nubia Red Devil 6R
  • [x] ZTE Nubia Red Devil 6S Pro
  • [x] ZTE Nubia Z18
  • [x] ZTE Nubia Z30 Pro
  • [x] ZTE Nubia Z40 Pro
  • [x] ZTE Nubia Z50
  • [x] ZTE Nubia Z50 Ultra 5G

  • Add Enter META Option
  • Add Exit META Option
  • Read NVRAM in META
  • Write NVRAM in META
  • Add eMMC/UFS Health Check
  • Add Read/Write DUMP (BOOT0/LU1) to Read/Write Full Preloader Backup
  • Add Read/Write USERAREA (128MB) DUMP to Backup First 128MB of USERAREA Physical Partition
  • Add Read/Write FULL USERAREA Physical Partition DUMP
  • Improve Read Flash Function
  • Improve Write Flash Function
  • Stop Button Function Improved, Now can use When Reading/Writing

  • Improve Booting Protocol to handle device better
  • Now Show Error If Old or Not Compaitble Loader Used
  • Add Flash.cfg Write Support
  • Official Nokia and some other Flash File has Flash.cfg
  • Improve IMEI Repair in DIAG Function
  • Optimize Deep Format Function

  • Fixed No Data Loading Issue
  • Improved Server Communication

Miracle Power Tool v2.8 Setup | Mega Drive

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