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Avengers Box QComm Module v0.13.9 Update Released

Avengers Box / UMTPro Qualcomm Module v0.13.9 Released - [01/04/2024]

Still Don t have UMT?
Good News, Now you can Activate UMT on your Normal Avengers Card.
For More Details Please Contact Your reseller Now

What's New?
  • Added :
    • Samsung
      • EDL Mode :
        • Galaxy S8+ (SC-03J) BIT1
        • Galaxy S8+ (SM-G9550) BIT4
        • Galaxy S9 (SM-G9600) BIT5
        • Galaxy S9+ (SM-G9650) BIT5
        • Galaxy S10 (SM-G9730) BIT2
        • Galaxy S10+ (SM-G9750) BIT4
        • Galaxy S10e (SM-G9700) BIT2
        • Galaxy S20 5G (SM-G981U) BIT8
        • Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (SM-G988N) BIT1
        • Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (SM-G988U) BIT8
        • Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (SM-G998W) BITA
        • Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (SM-G9880) BIT1
        • Galaxy S20+ 5G (SM-G986N) BIT1
        • Galaxy S20+ 5G (SM-G986U) BIT8
        • Galaxy S22 5G (SM-S9010) BIT4
        • Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918W) BIT2
        • Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G (SM-S918N) BIT2
        • Galaxy S23+ (SM-S916W) BIT2
        • Galaxy S24 (SM-S921U) BIT1
        • Galaxy S24 Ultra (SM-S928B) BIT1
        • Galaxy S24 Ultra (SM-S928U) BIT1
        • Galaxy S24+ (SM-S926U) BIT1
        • Galaxy Tab A (SM-T595) BIT4
        • Galaxy Tab S5e (SM-T725) BIT1
        • Galaxy Z Flip4 (SM-F721B) BIT5
        • Galaxy Z Flip4 (SM-F721U) BIT4
      • Test Point Pictures also Added for :
        • A20s 2019.jpg
        • Galaxy S20 FE Models.jpg
        • Samsung Galaxy A01 A015F Test Point EDL Mode.jpeg
        • Samsung Galaxy M02s test Point.jpeg
        • Samsung M01 EDL Test Point.jpg
        • SM-A013F.jpg
        • SM-A025F.jpg
        • SM-A025G.jpg
        • SM-A136U.jpg
        • SM-A236B.jpg
        • SM-A346B.jpg
        • SM-A528B.jpg
        • SM-A736B.jpg
        • SM-F926B.jpg
        • SM-F936B.jpg
        • SM-G780G.jpg
        • SM-G781B.jpg
        • SM-G986B.jpg
        • SM-G991U SM-G991w.jpg
        • SM-G998B SM-G998N.jpg
        • SM-S906E.jpg
        • SM-S908B.jpg
        • SM-S908E.jpg
        • SM-S908U.jpg
        • SM-S918B.jpg
    • Alcatel
      • Alcatel OT-5002
    • ZTE World's First? Possible 
      • ZTE Nubia Red Magic 9 (NX769j)
      • ZTE Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro (NX769j)
      • ZTE Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro+ (NX769j)
  • Supported Operations
    • Read Info, Factory Reset, FRP Reset.

Official Website :

Download Link
Avengers Box Qualcomm Module v0.13.9 Setup | Mediafire

Pass for Setup : NckTeam

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