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DFT Pro Tool v4.0.2 Update Released

DFT Pro Tool v4.0.2 Update Released
Professional Service Software for Mobile Phones

DFTPro'nun yeni güncellemesiyle arayüzümüz artık daha dinamik! Bu yenilik, uygulama içinde daha hızlı ve etkili gezinme imkanı sunuyor. Kullanıcı deneyimini ön planda tutarak yapılan bu değişiklik, işlemlerinizi daha keyifli hale getirecek. Geliştirmelerimize sizin geri bildirimleriniz yön veriyor, deneyimlerinizi paylaşmaktan çekinmeyin!

The latest update to DFT Pro has made our interface more dynamic! This innovation offers faster and more effective navigation within the app. With a focus on enhancing user experience, this change will make your interactions more enjoyable. Your feedback guides our improvements, so don't hesitate to share your experiences!

What's New :
  • Added Loader Redmagic 9 Pro
  • [Samsung QCOM EDL]
    • Added the Following Models for FMM Remove, FMM Return Default, Reset FRP, Factory Reset, Read, Write :
      • Samsung A05s SM-A057F
      • Samsung A23 SM-A235F
      • Samsung A23 SM-A236E
      • Samsung A23 SM-A236U
      • Samsung A23 SM-A236W
      • Samsung A42 SM-A426U
      • Samsung A42 SM-A426W
      • Samsung A52 SM-A525F
      • Samsung A52 5G SM-A526B
      • Samsung A52 5G SM-A526U
      • Samsung A52 5G SM-A526W
      • Samsung A70 SM-A705F
      • Samsung A70 SM-A705MN
      • Samsung A70 SM-A705Y
      • Samsung A71 SM-A715F
      • Samsung A71 5G SM-A716U
      • Samsung A71 5G SM-A716W
      • Samsung A72 SM-A725F
      • Samsung A73 SM-A736B
      • Samsung Z Flip3 SM-F711B
      • Samsung Z Flip3 SM-F711U
      • Samsung Z Flip3 SM-F711W
      • Samsung Z Fold3 SM-F721B
      • Samsung Z Fold3 SM-F721U
      • Samsung Z Flip4 SM-F731B
      • Samsung Z Flip4 SM-F731U
      • Samsung Z Flip4 SM-F731W
      • Samsung Z Fold2 SM-F916U
      • Samsung Z Fold2 SM-F916W
      • Samsung Z Fold3 SM-F926B
      • Samsung Z Fold3 SM-F926N
      • Samsung Z Fold3 SM-F926U
      • Samsung Z Fold4 SM-F936B
      • Samsung Z Fold4 SM-F936N
      • Samsung Z Fold4 SM-F936U
      • Samsung Z Flip4 SM-F946B
      • Samsung Z Flip4 SM-F946U
      • Samsung Z Flip4 SM-F946W
      • Samsung S20 FE SM-G780G
      • Samsung S20 FE 5G SM-G781B
      • Samsung S20 FE 5G SM-G781U
      • Samsung S20 FE 5G SM-G781V
      • Samsung S10e SM-G970U
      • Samsung S10e SM-G970W
      • Samsung S10 SM-G973U
      • Samsung S10 SM-G973W
      • Samsung S10+ SM-G975U
      • Samsung S10+ SM-G975W
      • Samsung S20 SM-G981U
      • Samsung S20+ SM-G986U
      • Samsung S20 Ultra SM-G988U
      • Samsung S21 FE SM-G990B
      • Samsung S21 FE SM-G990U
      • Samsung S21 SM-G991U
      • Samsung S21+ SM-G996U
      • Samsung S21 Ultra SM-G998U
      • Samsung M14 SM-M145F
      • Samsung Note10 SM-N970U
      • Samsung Note10+ SM-N975U
      • Samsung Note10+ 5G SM-N976V
      • Samsung S22 SM-S711U
      • Samsung S22 SM-S901E
      • Samsung S22 SM-S901U
      • Samsung S22+ SM-S906E
      • Samsung S22+ SM-S906U
      • Samsung S22 Ultra SM-G908E
      • Samsung S22 Ultra SM-G908U
      • Samsung S23 SM-S911B
      • Samsung S23 SM-S911U
      • Samsung S23 SM-S911W
      • Samsung S23+ SM-S916B
      • Samsung S23+ SM-S916N
      • Samsung S23+ SM-S916U
      • Samsung S23+ SM-S916W
      • Samsung S23 Ultra SM-S918B
      • Samsung S23 Ultra SM-S918N
      • Samsung S23 Ultra SM-S918U
      • Samsung S22 SM-S9010
      • Samsung Tab A7 SM-T505
      • Samsung Tab A9+ SM-X210
      • Samsung Tab A9+ 5G SM-X216B
      • Samsung Tab S8 Ultra SM-X900

Download :
DFT Pro Tool v4.0.2 Setup | Direct Link
DFT Pro Tool v4.0.2 Setup | Google Drive
DFT Pro Tool v4.0.2 Setup | Mediafire


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