Chimera Tool Support

Tons of Supported Models
Our support covers more than 5 000 models from market leading brands including Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC, BlackBerry and many more – we even support MTK devices! We thoroughly test each new model and function to make sure you have a seamless and hassle-free experience when using our tool.

Lots of Features
The new and improved ChimeraTool offers a wealth of impressive features. We are constantly developing and refining our software, which means that as a market leader we often support devices that cannot be purchased in stores yet, mostly ahead of our competitors. Another important part of a software is bug fixes. Thanks to our very responsive developer team, annoying bugs are often resolved via daily updates and bug fixes, so you do not have to wait weeks or months for a solution.
Our most popular features include software update, network factory reset, network calibration repair, fixing anti-boot issues, IMEI repair, and extracting the default unlock code.

Easy to Use
We continuously strive to design software that is user-friendly and straight forward. Arguably the best feature of the ChimeraTool is that you don’t have to have years of education or experience behind you to be able to use it effectively. Using ChimeraTool is as easy as one-two-three – whether it’s your first endeavour into the world of mobile phone repairs or if you’re already an industry veteran. Simply download the software from our website and get to work.

Credit System
Purchases are kept safe and organized in our records through an easy-to-use credit system. Everything you need to pay for, such as the license itself, hardware products and certain processes, can all be purchased using these credits. Credits can be bought either from our resellers or on our website, and then can be spent in our system. All transactions are securely accounted for. We currently have more than 180 000 satisfied customers worldwide.

Reseller Network
Not a fan of online shopping? Would you prefer to talk to a professional face-to-face before purchasing our products? Then you might want to get in touch with one of our resellers! Our global network of distributors and resellers will help you make the best decision for your needs.

Up-to-Date Documentation and User Guides
Over the years, we have had the opportunity to answer many questions from customers - it just makes sense that we should collect and organize these questions and answers into a continuously growing master catalogue. On our Help page, you can find descriptions, video tutorials and many other pieces of information that could be useful to you.

Professional Support
Our team of highly skilled professionals is ready to answer any questions you may have regarding our products, and they will help you find a solution to any issue you may have. You can contact our support team via telephone or through live chat here on the website, but you can also browse the pages of our professional forum, where you can discuss different topics with your peers. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Chimera Tool Support