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Infinity-Box CM2SP2 v2.12

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SP2/SPD-UniSoc v2.12 - New Repair Level Activated
As ordinary, unique functions and methods released

  • Changed : FlashCore protocol updated (R25)
  • Changed : New DL-core support (v10 at Infinity notation)
  • NewSOC : SC9820e [RS/0S] with NAND supported
  • Changed : Diag protocol updated
  • Changed : Protocol updated
  • Changed : FlashCore rebuild
    • Reworked FlashErase
    • Reworked support of fully erased or semi-damaged modern devices Android 8/9/10/11 (SC9820e, SC7731e, SC9832e, SC9863, SC9850), it is possible to repair these devices from any state (in case of working HW)
    • Reworked NVRecovery procedure
    • Android version change ( Downgrade/Upgrade ) now work more correct
Firmware reader
  • Changed : Android 10 specific changes
  • Changed : KaiOs specific changes
  • Changed : Initial Android 11 support
  • Changed : UltraRead protocol updated
  • Changed : Fixed "Encryption Unsucessfull" errors on some devices after flash
  • Changed : Android 11 SPunlock and Repair confirmed and working
  • Changed : UniSoc Tiger T310 initial SPUnlock/Repair support
  • Changed : Changed unlock procedure for some devices
  • Changed : Allow check status/continue unlock on zero balance
    • Almost all existing on market devices for SP-Unlock and Repair are supported, Android 10 / 11 "security" as well
Model DB
  • Changed : New generic loaders included for 9820E with NAND
  • Changed : Many other different changes and fixes

Password for archive file (if any) is: 12345678


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