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Infinity CM2MT2 v2.26 Released

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK / Mediatek v2.26 - New Core, BootLoader Unlock and More
As ordinary, unique functions and methods released

  • Changed : Protocol updated (Raphael / Legacy)
  • Changed : MT6785 support fixed
  • Changed : MT6885 support fixed
Core : Protocol : FireFly Activated!
  • FireFly - Universal DownloadAgent that was created by Infinity Team to reach new service level and gives features!
Current Supported SoC (Initial Release) :
  • MT6765
Support Operations :
  • Identify : Device Info ( Android ), HWInfo with Full eMMC and EOL info
  • Format FS : Smart Reset, Extra and all other mode are supported
  • MemoryTool : Allow execute ALL supported MemoryTool functions
    • ! Read, Write ( Binary, Sparse, gigned, unsigned ... ), Make FileSystems, Wipe, extra features
    • ! Unlike MTK mode FireFly IS NOT rely on DA/Device security policy so no limits for different operations (No any Write / Erase issues)
  • BootLoader Unlock : Allow Unlock device Bootloader - WITHOUT touching UserData
    • ! Bootloader unlock also allow unlock Brand-Specific cases ( Xiaomi right now )
Changed : UniversalBoot : BootHelper
  • ! Software always try yo init BootRom mode if it is required for selected target
  • ! Software allow force BootRom for generic models (plain one) if that required
  • ! In current release activated 4 different ways which cover most of cases, but may not work with some cases
  • Changed : UltraFlash engine updated
Firmware Reader
  • Changed : New types supported
  • Changed : Internal Database updated
  • Changed : Huawei line changes and fixes
  • Changed : HWReport improved
  • Changed : "SmartReset" updated
  • Changed : "SmartReset Extra" updated
    • ! Vendor-specific mode improved for SAMSUNG phones (A4x and others)
    • ! Device brands, supported in EXTRA mode: Vivo, Meizu, Xiaomi, Samsung
  • Changed : Identify now save preloader backup
  • Changed : Identify now show OTP info - for Alcatel-like and similar devices
  • New Feature : BootLoader Unlock Activated ( No data Loss )
  • Changed : Full MemoryInfo ( include CSD, WP status, EOL info etc. ) now shown in FireFly mode by default
Memory Tool
  • Changed : Preloader Init has been rebuild - Raphael, Legacy, FireFly
  • Changed : Automatic selection rules updated
  • Changed : Extra operations updated
  • Changed : FileSystem build revised
  • Changed : FireFly as core protocol supported in MemoryTool
  • Changed : Many different general changes and fixes applied
  • Changed : Protocol/SoC Generation switch can be done over "Platform" in System Menu
    • ! According Platform/Protocol selection some features may enable or disable


Password for archive is :12345678  
Infinity-Box 16 years updates and support as nobody else since year 2005


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