AQUA Dongle v5.3 A.I.O Module Update Released

Aqua Dongle A.I.O Module V5.3 Unlimited Mediatek Offline Features
We are Glad to Present Aqua-Dongle New Addition Unlimited OFFline Features

What's New :
  • Added All in One Offline Features without Yearly Activation or Packs

Aqua Dongle A.I.O Module V5.3 Unlimited Mediaatek Offline Features
  • Fully Offline
  • No need internet
  • No need packs
  • No need yearly
Vivo Repair Security Special Method (Partially implemented)
  • Added Vivo Read / Repair Security
    • IMEI1, IMEI2, MEID, PCB, ScreenID
  • Added One Click Read RPMB
  • Added One CliCk Write RPMB
  • Added One Click Erase RPMB
    • What is RPMB & Why Need RPMB Function
    • RPMB (Replay Protect Memory Block)
    • if RPMB Cruppet Your Phone Wont Work
    • and in screen show Test Device Use Only
  • Added Universal Generic Disable Security method
    • Should work on all generic structure devcies
  • Added Universal Read Prelaoder/Emi from device
    • Currently Support Almost All Generic MTK Devices
Part 2 is comming soon
More on The Way .....

Preview :
Realme C2 RPMB READ done✅ Super Fast Speed One Click Aqua Dongle

Vivo MTK IMEI Repair Done 1 Click By Aqua Dongle

Samsung A03s FRP Lock Remove Done By Aqua Dongle

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1Click Without Internet Unlimited
No Yearly
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