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Infinity CM2MT2 v2.38 Released

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 CM2MT2 v2.38 - General Improvements and Fixes

As Ordinary, Unique Functions and Methods Released

!!! WARNING !!!
Backup files storage structure changed, files and folders will be compressed.
Software will convert files and folders at first run!
If you have important data - make /backup/ folder copy for emergency case!
Process may takes time, BE PATIENT!

What's New :
  • Startup process revised
  • Backup files are packed, zip and 7z formats are supported (7z.dll is required)
  • Backup files default format is 7z
  • Backup|Restore partitions list updated
  • Backup overwrite request for "Identify" only, skip existing backup replacement for other operations
  • Partition size verification during backup
  • File content verification (zeroes) during backup creation
  • File content verification (zeroes) during backup restore
  • Display hw|sw info to log during backup file selection
  • Restore backup images with .bin and .img extensions
  • Legacy settings values removed
  • MemTool work path save|restore
  • MemTool window position save|restore
  • MemTool ui changes
  • Log window style customization
  • HW Report behaviour changed depends on selected Platform
  • Cloud: display hw|sw info about last connected device
  • Cloud: get previously stored backup file
  • Flash chip vendors list updated
  • ufs parser revised
  • emmc parser revised
  • emmc failure detection improved
  • nand parser revised
  • Firmware read/write last selected path save|restore
  • scatter file creation process rebuilded
  • scatter file load process revised
  • META mode connection method revised
  • META mode info and device version output revised
  • META mode memory leak fixed
  • Check free disk space on startup
  • Check free disk space on Flash Read
  • Flash Read file selection method updated
  • Flash Read process termination revised
  • Backup before Reset in META mode
  • Backup before Reset in Flash mode
  • extcsd backup file content verification
  • PMT (partition table) info output slightly changed
  • PMT (partition table) info included to device.txt during backup
  • Store device.txt with hardware and software info to backup
  • Store device.txt with hardware and software info to firmware
  • Store device.txt file as ini
  • Store loaders config to device.txt file
  • Verify backup presence before process
  • Error messages and software hints updated
  • More software hints for [Format] operations
  • More messages in log about process flow
  • [SMART RESET EXTRA] error handling revised to recover after error
  • Create Screenshot [Snap] as .png instead of .bmp (quite compact)
  • Device brand|model detection revised
  • Updates checker rebuilded
  • External update checker disabled
  • External firmware uploader enabled
  • [Stop] process revised
  • Customs Settings -> EMI button extract prevoader from partition image on load
  • MemTool selection mode for 128 Mb and 256 Mb in list
  • MemTool file selection revised
  • MemTool operations revised
  • [Flash] page minor ui changes
  • [Security] page minor ui changes
  • [NVRAM Read] operation revised
  • [NVRAM Write] operation revised
  • NVRAM backup file format changed
  • [Restore Backup] operation allow to select backup file
  • [Restore Backup] has new restore mode [+preloader]
  • Check free disk space before backup
    • settings.ini new value [where] backup=backup\
    • settings.ini new value [where] boot=boot\
    • settings.ini new value [where] tools=..\tools\
    • settings.ini new value [where] firmware=firmware\
  • SC engine revised
  • Files verification config option in [Settings] page
  • Files verification for nvram backup enabled
  • Memory management engine revised
  • [KG] moved to [Misc] section
  • Dialogs texts revised. Message text will be visible in log window on selection
  • Minor log text messages and ui changes
  • Check required dll's on startup
  • ssleay32.dll included to installer to improve compatibility
  • 7z.dll included to installer
  • /tools/iosFileUploader included to installer
  • Required Dongle firmware version: 0153

Download :
Infinity-Box CM2MT2 v2.38 Setup

Password for archive is :12345678 or 1111
Infinity-Box 16 years updates and support as nobody else since year 2005


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