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Infinity CM2MT2 v2.39 Released

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 CM2MT2 v2.39 - MT6789 [Helio G99] and More

What's New :
  • Loaders Updated :
    • /boot/0_generic/MT6781_Generic [LUCI]
    • /boot/0_generic/MT6789_Generic [LUCI]
    • /boot/Infinix/Infinix-G99-General
    • /boot/Infinix/Infinix-X676B
    • /boot/Tecno/Tecno-G99-General
  • General :
    • New protocol supported: [LUCI] - MT6781, MT6789, MT6895, MT6983 etc.
      • Supported :
        • Security Repair : Generic lines support for latest phones in both FLASH and META mode
        • FormatFS : SmartReset, SmartResetExtra - include reset settings, frp, privacy etc.
        • Firmware Reading : Factory-like, complete, safe firmware, compatible with MT2 and SPFT too
        • Firmware Flashing : Correct, safe, factory and read firmware flashing support
        • Service : Service operations supported : Identify, NVRAM operations, MemoryTool, HW Info etc.

  • FormatFS :
    • Smart Reset updated: New types supported
    • Smart Reset updated: Android 11-12 specific changes
    • Smart Reset updated: A/B devices specific changes
  • Firmware Reader :
    • NEXTGEN [LUCI] phones line support
    • Factory-like firmware reading now supported [LUCI]
    • XML-scatter generation now supported [LUCI]
    • Android 13 support activated [under test]
    • Android 12 support improved
    • Android 10-11 support rebuild
    • AB devices support complete rebuild. All known formats supported.
    • More accurate detection of vendor-specific partitions and handling
    • Escape from OTA issues and other startup faults etc. on some phones
    • Scatter creation for latest devices revised, more chip-depend versions now supported
  • Firmware flasher :
    • NEXTGEN phones line support [LUCI]
    • Factory and Read firmware flashing now supported [LUCI]
    • XML scatter, TXT scatter and flash.xml can be used as FlashFile input
  • Service :
    • Identify : Now read active system info if device belong to AB
    • BootLoader: Unlock and Lock as separate buttons now
    • BootLoader: Unlock in FireFly mode for LEGACY phones has been fixed
    • BootLoader: Unlock in FireFly mode for some of RAPHAEL phones has been fixed
    • MemoryTool: LUCI support, compatibility improvements
  • The Rest :
    • Loaders storage structure updated
      • [built-in] /boot/0_base/X_FireFly/ => /boot/XFireFly/base/
      • [boot-pack] /boot/0_base/MT6570_*/ => /boot/0_rare/MT6570_*/
      • [boot-pack] /boot/0_base/MT6771/ => /boot/Vivo/MT6771/
    • Loaders package updated
      • [built-in] /boot/0_base/base_v2216/
    • Bases and Models list sort order revised
    • Firmware version parser revised
    • Error messages and usage hints updated
    • eMMC EOL status hints updated
    • Update checker revised
Required Dongle Firmware Version : 0154

Download :
Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 CM2MT2 v2.39a5 Setup

Password for archive is :12345678 or 1111
Infinity-Box 16 years updates and support as nobody else since year 2005

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