AQUA Dongle v6.7 A.I.O Module Update Released

AQUA Dongle V6.7 Full Offline Vivo Repair Wihout Downgrade & UniSoc Realme, Moto Added

AQUA Dongle V6.7 Full Offline Vivo Repair Wihout Downgrade & UniSoc Realme, Moto Update
We are Glad To Announce Another Update For Our Valuable Users

Vivo MTK Repair Without Downgrade Firmware , SPD UniSoc Realme Motorola & ZTE Models Add To Support
No Need Auth
No Need Credit
No Need Pack
No Need Internet
No Need Activation
All Features Work Standalone Perfect

We Are Happy To Release Second Update of 2023
We Have More Good Update With Many New Features & Improvement
That Was Work Work Offline Without Any Problem Of Internet
So Stay Tune With Us and Reports Us With Seccuss Stories Of Aqua Dongle

  • Brom Mode Features With Test Point
  • Method No1: Select Model, Disable Auth [On], Dump Preloader [Off]
  • Method No2: Select Model, [Turn Off] Disable Auth, [Turn Off] Dump Preloader, Manul Disable Auth, Do Opration
  • In Both Method If Ask For Preloader Then List Will Be Popup You Can Select Preloader From The List
  • If Preloader Show With Model Name Then Select Your Matching Model Prelaore
  • If Not Show Model Name on Preloare Then Try One by One Preloader
  • List Of Supported Features
  • Read Info, SafeFormat [Reset Screen Lock Without Data Loss Some Devices] Format FS[Wipe Data Factory Reset] Erase/Patch FRP,
  • Read/Repair IMEI1/IMEI2/Meid/Pcb/S ID , Repair IMEI Tested With New Security
  • List Partitions Read/Write/Wipe Any Single Partition FRP/Userdata From List Partition
Vivo :
  • iQOO Z1 [PD1986]
  • Vivo S1 [1907]
  • Vivo V23e [PD2159F]
  • Vivo V23 Pro
  • Vivo Y1s
  • Vivo Y12s [PD2036F]
  • Vivo Y12s [V2026]
  • Vivo Y12s [V2033]
  • Vivo Y12s [V2042]
  • Vivo Y15 [PD1901BF]
  • Vivo Y15a [V2134]
  • Vivo Y15s [V2120]
  • Vivo Y15s [V2125]
  • Vivo Y15s [V2147]
  • Vivo Y17 [1901]
  • Vivo Y17 [V1901]
  • Vivo Y17 [V1901A]
  • Vivo Y17 [1902_19]
  • Vivo Y19 [PD1934F]
  • Vivo Y20 [PD2036F]
  • Vivo Y20 New
  • Vivo Y20a [v2149]
  • Vivo Y21 [PD2139F]
  • Vivo Y21 [V2111]
  • Vivo Y33S [PD2147F]
  • Vivo Y33S [V2109]
  • Vivo Y81i [PD1732CF]

UniSoc SPD
  • SPD New Loader Added To Supported List
  • Improve Many Loaders
  • Write Pac File, Remove FRP Lock, Factory Reset,
  • Diag Mode Opration For Non Secure[Hard Lock] or RSA Security
  • Enable Diag New/Old, Read Info Repair IMEI1/IMEI2 WIFI MAC
CPU Support :
  • CPU UMS512
  • CPU UMS9230
  • CPU UMS9230T
  • CPU Unisoc T700
  • Motorola_Moto_G20_XT2128-2_Unisoc T700
  • Motorola_Moto_G20_XT2128-3
  • Realme_C21Y_RMX3261_UMS512 done
  • Realme_C25Y_RMX3265_UMS512
  • Realme_C25Y_RMX3269EU_UMS512
  • Realme_C31_RMX3503EU_ done
  • Realme_Narzo_50A_Prime_RMX3516PU_UMS9230
  • Realme_Narzo_50i_Prime_RMX3506_Unisoc Tiger T612
  • Realme_Narzo_50i_Rio_RMX3231
  • Realme_Pad_Mini_RMP2106_UMS9230T
  • Realme_PAD_Mini_UMS9230T
  • ZTE_A2121E_[Europe]

NOTE! Some Devices May Not Be Supported IN Some Functions Because of Firmware Security Change. Hope You Guys Are Understand

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