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QGDP Tool SMT v3.1.8

QGDP Tool 2018 is the latest and upgraded version of YGDP Tool which is very useful if you are going to flash any CPB Firmware based Android Smartphone. That means, users can use QGDP Flash Tool in the place of YGDP Flash Tool, if they are getting any issue at the time of flashing CPB Firmware by YGDP Tool. In this post we are going to share latest version of QGDP Tool including all available versions. Check out below download section to get direct download link of QGDP Tool.
QGDP Flash Tool can be used to flash CPB firmware based Android Smartphone / Tablets only. Many devices like Advan, Micromax, CoolpadNokia, Idea and Evercoss devices come with CPB format stock firmware.

Features of QGDP Tool
QGDP Tool Setup
Basically QGDP Tool comes in two different formats. First is based on executable file and second comes as a portable application.
Note : If you are using QGDP flash tool [installer application], you have to install it on your pc. Whereas the QGDP assembly v3.2.0 is Portable Application and no need to install it on PC.
QGDP Tool Interface and UI
QGDP Flash Tool interface is completely same as YGDP Flash Tool or you can say it’s duplicate version of YGDP tool but it’s upgraded version of YGDP Tool with more Supportable Devices. So if you are going to flash any latest CPB firmware stock ROM then we recommend you to use QGDP flash tool in the place of YGDP Flash Tool.

Different Variant of QGDP Utility
Officially QGDP utility software comes in two variant [1.] QGDP Assembly [2.] QGDP SMT . Many CPB firmware based android phone might not be compatible with latest QGDP assembly [Portable application] then you need to flash CPB firmware using QGDP SMT version [Installer].

QGDP Supports
Well, we already told you, QGDP Tool is the upgraded version of YGDP Tool. But sometime it may show error or you may fail to flash CPB Firmware on latest smartphone. So in that situation, you should try the latest QGDP tool to flash CPB stock ROMs Firmware. QGDP supports the latest CPB Firmware.

Multiple Flashing Support
Multiple Firmwares flashing feature is another great feature of this upgraded QGDP tool. User can flash stock firmware on upto 15 devices at the same time. Whereas user can flash firmware on upto 7 devices at the same time using QGDP Tool. This is most important feature of QGDP Flash Tool.

QGDP flash tool supports almost all windows platform like wXP, w7, w8/8.1 and w10 [32 bit & 64 Bit].

QGDP Tool SMT v3.1.8

QGDP Drivers Setup

Readme Once :
  • How to use QGDP Tool : If you want to learn how to use QGDP utility to flash CPB Firmware, then head over to the How to Flash CPB using QGDP Tool page.
  • QGDP Password : The default password for the QGDP is 369 or ase or smt. You will need this password to launch the tool after installation.
  • Caution : Take a backup of your data before flashing the Firmware using the QGDP Tool. Personal data will be removed after flashing the Firmware.
  • Credits : QGDP Tool is created and distributed by Coolpad Group Limited. So, full credit goes to them for sharing the tool for free.

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