SFT Dongle Setup V1.0.17

SFT Dongle v1.0.17
Release 12-03-2019
  • ADD: Adding a pure qualcomm module with stable speed
  • ADD: Adding structur fs ext2 and ext4
  • ADD: Adding manual command functions to the fastboot tab
  • ADD: Adding module version Fastboot to the Fastboot tab
  • ADD: Adding MSMID database for reading auto loader qualcomm
  • BUG: Repair removing paternlock on the vivo series
  • BUG: Repair removing micloud2 the xiaomi device
  • BUG: Repair removing oppo paternlock

SFT Dongle Setup V1.0.17 GDrive 1
SFT Dongle Setup V1.0.17 GDrive 2

password : sahabatsft

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