SFT Dongle Setup V1.0.19

SFT Dongle v1.0.19
Release 28-05-2019
  • ADD: Adding Sign auth for Mi Type New (free 1 month trial period )
  • ADD: Identity, Read, Erase, Write with Mi-Auth Qualcomm  [ First in the word ]
  • ADD: Adding Mount Fs Info Mi-Account
  • ADD: Adding Remove Paternlock vivo New Security Without lost data [ user data encrypted ]
  • ADD: New command manual fastboot
  • ADD: Brom MTK Support new model
  • BUG:  Repair remove pattern lock vivo ( clean data ) Qualcomm & mtk
  • BUG:  Repair micloud method 2 type old MI
  • BUG:  Repair Clean Micloud method 2
  • BUG: Write Debrick Intell

SFT Dongle Setup V1.0.19

password : sahabatsft

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