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F-Finder Tool (Big Update Part 1)

Big Update Part 1 
DATE: 2nd SEP 2019

ADDED Library:
All Hardware Solution Huawei:
*Mate 9 - Mate 9Pro - P20

Charging Solution Xiaomi:
*Redmi 6A & Mi 5X

All Super Schematic Xiaomi:
*Mi Series & Redmi Series
Change Log

All Hardware Solution Huawei
Mate 9 - Mate 9Pro - P20
*Audio - Button - Camera - Charging - Connection - DeadPhone High Current, Low Current, No Current - FingerPrint - Display.

Charging Solution Xiaomi
Redmi 6A & Mi 5X

All Super Schematic Xiaomi
Mi Series:
Mi 1s, Mi 2 - 2s, Mi 2A, Mi3, Mi4, Mi4s, Mi5, Mi5c, Mi5s, Mi5x, Mi 6, Mi A2, Mi Note, Mi Note2, Mi Max, Mi Mix 2, Mi Mix 2s, Mi Mix 3, Mi Play.
Redmi Series:
Redmi1, Redmi1s, Redmi2-2A, Redmi3x, Redmi4, Redmi5, Redmi7-7A, Redmi Note, Redmi Note2, Redmi Note3-3A, Redmi Note5, Redmi Pro, Redmi S2, K20 Pro.

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