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How to using EMT Trial / Standard Edition for BST Users

Created time: 2019/09/30

  1. The EMT Trial Edition only for BST users of GsmBest Team;
  2. Each BST only authorize one EMT account, keep your BST information properly please;
  3. The functions of each edition of EMT, check through the "SHOP" and "View Details" page of EMT website;

View Video: (Thanks to: Diaa sabry)

How to use EMT Trial Edition:
1. Create an EMT account (If you have EMT account already, skip this steps)
Tips: How to create an EMT account

2. Login Official BST website, Submit EMT Authorization (Contact us If you forgot BST account)
Official BST Website:

Tips: Fill new registered EMT account into EMT username item, don't fill email, BST username and SN please

3. Wait for Manual Audit (Audit process will takes up 1-2 days)

Tips: Modify the authorization information according to the prompt information or contact us if the audit fails!

4. Download EMT software, use Trail Edition
Tips: After audit OK, Download EMT Software and then use EMT Trial Edition.

How to use EMT Standard Edition:
  1. Contact Pre-Sales/Sales on the website (
  2. Authorization Edition: EMT Standard Editoin (One time authorization payment, use permanent)
  3. Authorization Method: Account Authorization
  4. Authorization Fees: 188CNY (For new user: 388CNY)

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