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UFI SOFTWARE Version is out via Synchronize Files


UFI SOFTWARE Version is out via Synchronize Files

Whats NEW :
eMMC ToolBox changes :
  • ADD: [Oppo] MasterClear in USERAREA PART tab, Special Task
  • ADD: New eMMC5x FFU files for eMMC5x Field Firmware Update
  • MICRON-S0J9K9(16).ffu
  • SAMSUNG-3H6CAB(210).ffu
  • SAMSUNG-DH6DAB(210).ffu
  • SAMSUNG-GD6BMB(5).ffu
  • BUGFIX: UFI Lite connection issue
  • BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

Android ToolBox changes :
  • ADD: Oppo EngineeringMode Task in ADB tab, Special Task
  • ADD: [Oppo] MasterClear for Qualcomm and MediaTek, Special Task
  • ADD: External Loader selection list for Qualcomm firehose and MediaTek DA and auth (Click on the label)
  • BUGFIX: Auth spesific routine improved
  • BUGFIX: Nokia Fastboot flashing issue for (Qualcomm platform)
  • BUGFIX: Oppo MediaTek flashing issue with error S_PRELOADER_INVALID
  • BUGFIX: MediaTek flashing issue with error S_FTHND_FILE_IS_NOT_LOADED_YET
  • BUGFIX: Oppo EDL flashing with VIP issue

  • Bootloader Authorization service is limited as "Bootloader Authorization" which is required for Identify, Flashing, Read, Write, Erase and Special Task menu
  • If Bootloader Authorization request fails, you may retry 2 more times at no cost
  • For any issue and refund claim because of software bugs, you may write an email to support[at], please include your detailed logs

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