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Infinity-Box BEST LumiaRepairPack v1.03

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] Lumia Repair Pack v1.03 released

RM-822 (Lumia 920)
RM-893 (Lumia 925)
RM-943 (Lumia 625)
RM-1041 (Lumia 735[Verizon])
RM-1062 (MS Lumia 640XL[SS])
RM-1066 (MS Lumia 430[SS])
RM-1067 (MS Lumia 430[DS])
RM-1072 (MS Lumia 640[SS])
RM-1073 (MS Lumia 640[DS])
RM-1075 (MS Lumia 640[DS])
RM-1077 (MS Lumia 640[SS])
RM-1109 (MS Lumia 640[SS])
RM-1113 (MS Lumia 640[SS])
RM-1114 (MS Lumia 435 [DS] DTV)
RM-1115 (MS Lumia 532 [DS] DTV)

Use [BEST] version 2.12 and higher with Lumia Repair Pack v1.03 !

Infinity-Box Update BEST LumiaRepairPack v1.03


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