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Infinity-Box CM2MT2 v2.03

2018-12-31 Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.03 - MT817x Series support, new features

Base - DA v1844 support tested on all platforms
Base - MT8172 support activated
Base - MT8173 support activated
Base - MT8176 support activated
Base - Info reading improved ( in some cases device info can be empty )
Base - Startup issues on some machines fixed
Base - Autoupdate feature revised

MemTool - Partition types detection improved
MemTool - InitPreloader option revised

Flasher - Activated flashing support for LEGACY signed FW types ( ver3, ver4 )
Flasher - Customization model revised
Flasher - DL Fix / ADL Checksum revised
Flasher - Cheksum issue on 6572/6582 fixed
Flasher - MT6570 NAND support fixed
Flasher - Flashing support for secure FW readout from LEGACY signed devices ( fused )
Flasher - More info, state and other debug stuff during secure types flashing

FWReader - Activated reading for LEGACY secured phones ( for fused devices )
FWReader - Secure state and signature type info during reading
FWReader - Secure workaround for cpu-paired security on fused devices ( FW completey safe for flashing )
FWReader - More types supported for safe read
FWReader - Info reading improved ( in some cases device info can be empty )

Other - Preloader parsing issues with some new platforms fixed
Other - Lot of small fixes and changes, reported by users
Other - BootHelper updated

Service - Security repair revised
Service - FixDL option activated
Service - Format FS revised, ENCRYPTION issues, bootloop issues fixed on some platforms/devices

Platform - MT8172 support activated
Platform - MT8173 support activated
Platform - MT8176 support activated
Platform - MT2601 support activated
Platform - MT6582 support optimized
Platform - MT6572 support optimized

LoaderDB - New agents included (Teksun, Lenovo, Tecno, CAT, COMIO, Gionee)

Infinity-Box CM2MT2 v2.03


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