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Infinity-Box CM2RDA.v1.02

2015-06-16 Chinese Miracle-2 RDA/Coolsand v1.02 - RDA Android is ON ! RDA8810/RDA8811 supported

RDA SP Platform
- New CPU support added
RDA8811 eMMC (Under Test)

- RDA881x Flashing :
Factory Firmware Flashing: RDAtotal Format, RDAFileSet Format types supported

- RDA881x Service:
Safe "Format FS" (Reset Settings): eMMC/NAND
Factory Area Rebuild: Repair IMEI1/IMEI2/IMEI3/IMEI4, Repair BT MAC, Repair WiFi Mac, Fix FactoryArea
Calibration (IFC) Read/Backup

- Other
BootPackage Updated
Some bugfixes and improvements

Infinity-Box CM2RDA.v1.02


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