Infinity-Box CM2SPD v1.04

Infinity-Box/Dongle Chinese Miracle-2 SPD/Spreadtrum v1.04 - New SPD Repair and Extra Features

Spreadtrum SC7715, SC7730, SC7731, SC5735, SC8830 with eMMC
Spreadtrum SC7715, SC8830 with NAND

New operations supported:
- Repair Security in FlashMode (allow low-level security repair) - WorldFirst !
*Allow fix phone security ( IMEI 1/2/3/4 ) in FlashMode

- Repair FS during "Format FS" (auto, if need)* - WorldFirst !
*Fix hang/stuck/bootloop and damaged after 3rd party tools

- Clear DIN data * - WorldFirst !
*Clear temporary phone settings and calibrations WITHOUT UserData lost !

- NV operations revised completely
NV Reading revised: Full NV data reading, checking and clear
NV Writing revised: Full NV data writing, clear and repair
NV writing also fix now all kind of network issues (software-related only)
NV writing also fix now "CFT calibrate" issue
NV writing also fix now "Unknown BaseBand" issue (software-related only)
TDMA phones (SC883x) support fixed

- Flash Engine updated
PAC file handling revised
Flash writing improved

- Check/Info revised
Shows extended phone info
Detect extra infromation (Dynamic HW Info check)

- Repair Security improved
Repair Security in "SVC" mode revised

- Some other bugfixes and improvements

FlashID database updated
Some bugfixes and improvements in FP Platform
Some other bugfixes and improvements at all

Infinity-Box CM2SPD v1.04