Infinity-Box CM2SPD v1.12 Released

Chinese Miracle-2 SPD / Spreadtrum v1.12 - 4G Time - SC9830 Support

SPD SP Platform

New CPU Supported :
  • Spreadtrum SC9830 with eMMC - WorldFirst
Supported Operations :
  • Repair Security, WiFi and BTMAC ( SVC mode only for now! )
  • Read Full Phone Info/Identify: eMMC phones on SC9830
  • Format FS/Repair - Safe and Fast: eMMC on SC9830
  • Read PatternLock: eMMC phones on SC9830
    • No Root/USB debug required!
  • Read PhoneBook: eMMC phones on SC9830
    • No Root/USB debug required!
  • Firmware flashing: PAC format files on SC9830
  • Firmware Read / Flash Infinity PACSC format files on SC9830
Factory-Like FW Read improved
  • Supported New Platforms :
    • SC9830 with eMMC - WorldFirst
    • Some bugfixes and improvements
Platforms supported for Firmware Read and Flash :
  • SC9830 with eMMC
  • SC5735 with eMMC
  • SC6815 with eMMC
  • SC7715 with NAND
  • SC7715 with eMMC
  • SC7730 with eMMC
  • SC7731 with eMMC
  • SC8830 with NAND
  • SC8830 with eMMC
  • FlashLoaders updated
  • FlashEngine updated (SC9830 support for PAC/Infinity SC)
  • New FlashIDs supported for SP platform


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