Infinity-Box CM2SPD v1.17

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SPD/Spreadtrum v1.17 - New Test and Repair features !

SPD SP Platform

- Flash Engine updated
Activated "Update NVM" option
*Update all found in firmware NVM images: Infinity SC and PAC
Activated "Erase Flash" option
*Erase whole NAND/eMMC flash during flashing
Some bugfixes and improvements

- Firmware Reading improved
New types supported
Brand-specific improvements
Improved NAND page detection

- Service operations improved
"Flash Erase" option activated.
*It will erase whole eMMC/NAND flash as well as security and calibration !
*After that operation complete reflashing required !
"Flash IC test" option released
*Allow make simple and fast eMMC R/O check and NAND ecc check

- Other
Some improvements and bugfixes at all
Connection stack revised
SVC mode connection revised
NVM operations revised
FP platform: flash dump files handling revised

- Info
All firmware read by CM2 is complete already and contain all required NVM items for repair after flash erase

Infinity-Box CM2SPD v1.17