Infinity-Box CM2SPD v1.21

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SPD/Spreadtrum v1.21 - PAC creator, latest phones and more !

SPD SP Platform

- FlashLoader package updated
SC773x Loaders updated: Android 6 / C-revision
SC5735 Loaders updated: Alternative Loader
Support for new FL+DRAM types: Latest SC773x

- PAC creator tool introduced
Allow Convert Infinity PAC.SC firmware to SPRD Factory PAC files!
Not need read all FW's again, if you need have PAC file - just convert it
Result PAC contain all need NVM , build and info settings, like factory one!
Supported CPUs and versions:
NAND: SC8830,SC7715 - WorldFirst !
eMMC: SC7715, SC7730, SC7731, SC8830, SC9830, SC5735
>PAC files fully compatible with SPD Factory loader ( UpgradeDownload / ResearchDownload / FactoryDownload )
>PAC files fully compatible with CM2SPD
>PAC files contain all NVM, partitions and etc. data for COMPLETE phone rebuild

- FW updater tool
Allow update Infinity PAC.SC files for eMMC phones ( rebuild product-specific partitions )
Useful for some specific phones, which stuck/not power on after flashing ( if problem on SW side )
That option update FW files WITHOUT any BAD effect

- Flash Engine updated
Changes according R4 revision
PAC files handling improved

- Firmware Reading improved
New types supported
Brand-specific improvements

- Service operations improved
Improved HWInfo Read/Write module
NAND: During Identify also will be shown FlashIC type and Info ( Block/Page details )
eMMC/NAND: More release-specific info shown during identify
NVM operations improved ( 4G devices mostly, BBFix operation improved )

- Other
New CPU set activated: SC7730/SC7731 RevC / Android 6 ( AltLDR option also activated )
Some improvements and bugfixes at all

Infinity-Box CM2SPD v1.21