Infinity-Box CM2SPD v1.25 Released

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SPD / Spreadtrum v1.25 - SC9832, SPUnlock and More

  • SC9832 CPU line supported (Android 5.x - Android 6.x)
  • Identify (service/boot)
  • Read firmware ( SC/PAC )
  • Write Firmware ( SC/PAC )
  • Reset Settings/Format FS
  • Reset FRP
  • Flash erase
  • NVM operations: Read, Write, Clear, Fix BB
  • Repair Security (Normal and Flash Mode)
  • SP Unlock
  • eMMC test
  • HW info read/write
Flash Engine Updated
  • Improved flashing speed for latest devices
  • Improved SC983x series support
Service Operations Improved
  • NVM operations completely revised to support all latest phones and types
  • SP unlock improved for SC98xx series and some SC77xx series devices
  • Fixed problem with BaseBand after unlock
  • Security repair in FlashMode revised to support all latest phones and types
  • FRP lock reset improved for Android 6 and branded devices
Firmware Reader Updated
  • New types support
  • Garbage collector updated
  • Image maker updated
  • SPunlock will done automatically during Flash Read (neverlock FW creation)
  • Structure detection improved
  • Automatic structure detection activated
  • Other fixes and improvements
PAC Maker Updated
  • New types supported
  • Some bufixes and improvements
  • NAND support improved (Page detection, pattern read, security operations)
  • SC773x support improved
  • FlashLoader package updated
  • SC983x Android 6.x option added (normal and ALT loader)
  • SC7715 NAND AltLDR activated
  • Other bugfixes and improvements