Infinity BEST v2.17 Released

Infinity Nokia [BEST] v2.17 - Nokia 230 Support & New MTK NaviManager

USB Flashing Improved
  • MTKx: Flash Engine revised
  • WP10x: Flash Engine revised
    • Some other bugfixes and improvements
Service Operations Improved
  • MTKx: RPL operations improved (Nokia 230 series supported)
    • LifeTimer Edit
    • LifeTimer Reset
    • Counter reset
  • MTKx: Flash reading improved
UserData Operations Improved
  • MTKx: PhoneBook decrypt and extraction improved
    • Nokia 230 series supported
    • PhoneBook extraction in CSV format
    • PhoneBook extraction in "Restoreable" S30 format
  • MTKx: UserCode reset improved for MT626x series
Unlock Operations Improved
  • MTKx: Nokia 230 series support for SP Unlock (15 digits only)
NaviManager Updated
  • NaviManager Engine updated
  • DB revised and updated
  • All latest FW for MTKx and Lumia models included!
  • New option for WP8x/WP10x models - download latest available firmware by ProductCode
  • New option for MTKx models - download latest available firmware by ProductCode
  • Link generation activated in "Query latest" mode
New Models Included :
  • RM-1105: MS Lumia 950 [SS]
  • RM-1172: MS Nokia 230 [DS]
  • RM-1173: MS Nokia 230 [SS]
[Info]: Total NaviManager models count is 503
[Info]: Now NaviManager cover all existing Nokia/MS models!
[Info]: NaviBase released as separate package!

  • Ini revised and updated
  • Some bugfixes and improvements at all
NaviBase v1.04 released as a separate installer !